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Richer Fuller Lives: What Can We Learn from Einstein's Brain?

One of the more tragic aspects of human existence is the common loss of the brain's mental powers, just when a person has experienced enough of...

Brain Implant for Alzheimer's Treatment

Johns Hopkins researchers are implanting electronic "pacemaker" devices in the brain fornix -- the nerve input to the hippocampus -- in...

Low Muscle Tone in Youth Linked to Early Death

Swedish experts who tracked more than a million teenage boys for 24 years found those with low muscle strength - weaker leg and arm muscles and...

Rejuvenating Aged Human Cells w/ Cytokine Growth Factors

A recent collaboration between researchers in Toronto and researchers in Harbin, China, has uncovered the ability to rejuvenate adult mesenchymal...

FGF21: Learning to Live Longer from Starving Mice

Biologists have known for several decades that putting mice on a starvation diet leads the mice to live longer -- although not necessarily...

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