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    are relationship and sexuality mentors. Our Tantric sacred sexuality practice dates back to 1987 (over 20 years). We have been sharing our knowledge and experience with others in writing, speaking, workshops, and personal coaching since 1997. Our work and our... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Hello,   The bacteria present in the anus is extremely dangerous if it gains... more
Aug 30 2009 7:11am
Well, people can change, but infidelity is not an easy pattern to change, and there... more
Aug 17 2009 10:06am
No. The only possible way to get pregnant from having a finger inserted into your... more
Aug 03 2009 8:52am
No, there is no connection between having sex with your wife and experiencing memory... more
Aug 03 2009 8:46am
A skilled lover can bite in a way that is safe, erotic and incredibly arousing. Timing... more
Jul 23 2009 1:39pm
Hello Nitin,   It is futile, expensive and dangerous to try and change your... more
Jul 23 2009 1:37pm
He must learn mastery of the ejaculation response and maintaining erection. We teach... more
Jul 23 2009 1:28pm
Hello Geri,   I would need some specific information about your situation before... more
Jun 29 2009 6:41am
Two of the factors to consider would be: 1) The competency and determination of the... more
Jun 20 2009 5:20am
For pregnancy to occur sperm must get into the vaginal canal. If there is penetration... more
Jun 10 2009 4:39am