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I am a 40 year old Stage 4 Kidney Cancer warrior. My blog blends updated medical information about cancer and new treatments and my personal experience on this journey and insights on how I am dealing with victories and setbacks.
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Great news today!

I’ll give more details with pics later but for now, we left the hospital knowing that whatever combination of defense the team and I are...

Big breakthrough today

Our amazing friend Laurie gave us a 3 hour break Saturday afternoon. It was great fun to be alone and do what we wanted. We changed the oil, ran...

What I did today

Why write such mundane stuff, you ask? Well, partially to practice writing once again. A couple of weeks ago I would not have been able...

Total visits: 40,050

Another landmark! Thank you for all the visits, supportive words, positive visualization, and all around kindness. This all would have...

Baby steps?

The Decadron is keeping all my large muscles in a state of rubberiness. My legs tends to buckle, my arms are weak. But with each day I am...
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