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"I care" blog represents my way in bringing up more awareness about common health disorders. I discuss the causes and the best ways of prevention and treatment of different diseases in an illustrated manner by adding interesting images to my posts. Besides, i will answer any health... Full Bio
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Exercise can be as effective as pills

Exercise can be as good as pills for treating common conditions as heart diseases and stroke, a study has found. According to the...

What Is West Nile Fever ?

West Nile Fever is a viral infection caused by West Nile Virus, which is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.  66...

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer symptoms can lack specificity in the early course of the disease. This may cause the patient to ignore these vague...

Aplastic anemia and Lupus

Q. "Is Aplastic anemia linked to Lupus ?" Ans. Yes, both diseases are auto-immune disorders (which means that they occur...

How Soon Can I Do A Pregnancy Test ?

This is a common question for women in the childbearing age and it involves a lot of physiological details that i will try to simplify in the...

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