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What is cancer? Who gets cancer? by Jennifer J. Patient Expert BOOK REVIEW THE CANCER CHRONICLES; UNLOCKING MEDICINES DEEPEST MYSTERIES by George Johnson I was quite curious about all this. You see, my husband has cancer. P ... Read on »
Sometimes Elders Trouble Me by Ronni B. Patient Expert Every election year, I am puzzled, and troubled too, that “my tribe” - elders – reliably votes in large numbers against its own best interests, electing Republican politic ... Read on »
Kunming Attractions - Green Lake Park by Evaliang     Like an stylish jade massage beds massage beds massage beds design getting up a eye-catching personage who, under pressure from all the harrying requirements o ... Read on »
Kunming Attractions - Green Lake Park by Evaliang     Organic Lake in Kunming can be found northern european of the town. Organic Lake (Cuihu) is Kunming's answer to Main Car recreation area in New You are able to ... Read on »
Life expectancy increases gl ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Life expectancy increases globally as death toll falls from major diseases Credit: Bill Kuffrey/public domainPeople are living much longer worldwide than they were two deca ... Read on »
Will Regulations Kill Assisted Living? by Dr. Muriel G. Medical Doctor Or is it already dead? See post this weekend... Read on »
Pension Theft by Ronni B. Patient Expert IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: Back in 2008, I made a presentation about web design for elders at the Gnomedex Conference in Seattle. I met a lot of young, interesting and en ... Read on »
Advent calendar 2014 Day 17 by Sarah Reed Healthy Living Professional "Hearing my father’s car arriving in the drive after having visited his patients in hospital on Christmas morning.  That was the signal for our own present-opening to ... Read on »
Kunming Dianchi Lake - Chinatour by Evaliang   Known as Kunming Lake, Dian Lake is in the the western of the Kunming Town. The flow was so known as for an conventional Dian team living in this place. The crescen ... Read on »
In nursing homes, statins of ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor In nursing homes, statins often continued in advanced dementia 17 dec 2014—For nursing home (NH) residents with dementia taking statins, most continue statins with the ... Read on »