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The 'obesity paradox': Cardi ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor The 'obesity paradox': Cardiovascular mortality lowest among overweight patients Credit: Peter Häger/Public Domain 20 july 2014--High body mass index (BMI) is associated wi ... Read on »
INTERESTING STUFF – 19 July 2014 by Ronni B. Patient Expert The judges on AGT were pretty sure they weren't going to like Mr. Jessel. See what happened. In last week's Interesting Stuff, 98-year-old Mary Phi ... Read on »
How does Railway Inquiry make lives easier? by Sunil G. Facebook Railways have always been more than just a mode of transport. They have tied a knot with the feelings and faith of the people and have been serving them forever. Although it ... Read on »
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The Power of Music for Dementia by Ronni B. Patient Expert A couple of years ago, my friend Jim Stone and several others readers sent me a remarkable video about Henry. At the time of filming, he had been 10 years living in a nurs ... Read on »
Book Review: Deadly Errors by Jennifer J. Patient Expert Deadly Errors  This book, originally out in 2005, is a great read. Now released in eBook, and all that jazz, it is easily accessible. Published by Astor and Blue, ... Read on »
Prostate Cancer and Robotic Surgery by Jennifer J. Patient Expert I'm often sent information, most want me to provide free ads. This one was interesting, in that hubby already had his robotic surgery and we are in Canada. An ad by a US-bas ... Read on »
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