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Study finds the role of gene ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Study finds the role of genes is greater with living to older ages Genes appear to play a stronger role in longevity in people living to extreme older ages, according to ... Read on »
Videos for caregivers at end-of-life by Jennifer J. Patient Expert Part 1: Introduction Part 2: The Importance of Sitting Part 3: Creating a Positive Environment Part 4: Simplifying Life Part 5: Listen More, Talk Less ... Read on »
Driving While Old by Ronni B. Patient Expert Whenever there is an auto accident involving an elder driver, there are hysterical calls to snatch licenses from people when they turn 65. What makes me laugh (rueful ... Read on »
Today's 75-year-olds are cog ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Today's 75-year-olds are cognitively fitter and happier than the 75-year-olds of 20 years ago Older adults today show higher levels of cognitive functioning and well-bein ... Read on »
The price of delirium: New s ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor The price of delirium: New study finds nearly half of patients have delirium A new study presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic ... Read on »
What is Osteoporosis? by John A. Patient Expert Last week while attending a two-day Osteoporosis Seminar in Tampa, FL with my physical therapist wife, I asked a number of professional attendees why doctors seem to ... Read on »
The Popular Hobby of Genealogy by John A. Patient Expert Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the US, only after gardening, and in our Fifty Shades of Grey obsessed culture, it's second only to pornography, as the mo ... Read on »
Yes, Another Elder Online Dating Post – Part 3 (Unplanned) by Ronni B. Patient Expert Yesterday's post, Part 2 of this series, was supposed to be the end of it. But two pertinent things happened that make it worth extending for a day – especially because I ... Read on »
Here's What the Government's Hiding From You... by John A. Patient Expert For  years, the government has manipulated its unemployment statistics to line up  with its claim that the economy has recovered strongly. But  as a student of the ... Read on »
I Flunked Elder Online Dating – Part 2 by Ronni B. Patient Expert As I reported at the end of Part 1 , I was flattered to receive the first response to my profile and photo within about five minutes of posting them to and OurTime ... Read on »