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Zhengrong sitting opposite her as her rival

Posted Dec 19 2012 2:22am
Full of people. Addition to all shareholders of Hua Yi Red Business Group Zhengrong yuan and trade Rui.
Many minutes from the beginning of the meeting, Chan Hon Sheng shareholders whispered to discuss the company's affairs. Rui still today wearing a female suit with her sometimes glamorous and temperament, so that most of the men felt a Road not pressure.
Zhengrong sitting opposite her as her rival, Wang Rui also useful to understand, to know that this woman is capable not easy to deal with, her investment in Japan lost a lot of money, but her management company to the market development trend is not worse than their own, the most important is the financial strength behind this woman and that high school students adviser if just this point he is not worried.
Wang Rui at the mall since you took over the yuan and touch to take Gunpa so many years can be considered old fox level, smiled and replied: '
The two north face pink ribbon jacket looked at each other with each other but did not speak, Zhengrong suddenly think that this woman is even more difficult to denali pink ribbon jacket cope with than their own imagination.
This time the door of the conference room suddenly opened, one wearing a black dress youth bow to the crowd at the door and smiled, sat down.
Constance Chan Sheng smiled and nodded and said to him: Here no one knows except Constance Chan Sheng, ZHENG Rong and Wang Rui, Tang consultants are invariably turned his head-he looked over.
Cheap north face nodded and smiled to the crowd, and finally on the handle of the information to the Wang Rui Wang Rui took over after should sound, suddenly found the boy in addition to the commercial talent actually very calm.
This time Constance Chan Sheng said: are the strength of the domestic large company, this time the board of directors, mainly we want to look at the two companies to invest Hua Yi specific strategies. When he finished, Wang Rui nodded and said: Opposite Zhengrong listen to her spoke slowly, do not know what means this woman want to play.
compared, but we are confident in the domestic retail addition to the new acquisition thousands province supermarket, department store near the Hua Yi Fu sea logistics center of 95,000 square meters is stepping up efforts to preparation ... Wang Rui, etc. Then present shareholders are beginning to talk up
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