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Xiecha on a snow cheap nike free run 3 envelops the trail he went to the riverside up

Posted Mar 07 2013 12:45am
She walked in front of him, staring at his eyes calm, flutter and fall into his arms: "Brother ..."A walking tractor coming wheel splashes of snow particles flung on his face, Liang Bingbing. The car sat men and women farmers, women with a scarf wrapped around the cheeks, revealing only the eyes, men ear fan tightly tied under his chin, face frozen red. The twelfth lunar month, mid-, and the traditional Spring Festival is coming to them about all morning rushed to town preparation womens nike free run 2 stocking.Really getting off the vast expanse of snow on. Near the village loudspeaker is to broadcast the news of the day, breaking the quiet atmosphere in the dawn between heaven and earth. Blue sky like a vast expanse of blue brocade, white wilderness like infinite stretch of white silk.

Suddenly fall from the sky and ceased abruptly snow, winter drought since the dust bowl washing clean Clean earth and far-reaching, high-altitude, fresh air, which gave birth to his northern hometown of pastoral.Leave the Parkway, Xiecha on a snow cheap nike free run 3 envelops the trail, he went to the riverside up. The snow seems thicker floodplain, piles of river gravel, wrapped in snow suits, a fine stream bend to go around in the snow, rushing ringing. The riverside repair a tall embankment, temporary surface of the water with cement bricks a party to one of the revetment. Tall poplar and willow branches embroidered with a layer of snow on the riverbank.The shelves with Mu Banqiao River, the other side of the river is his village, Song Tao, step by step, and finally went to the other side of the Mu Banqiao from the slippery.
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