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Posted Jan 04 2013 8:36am
The -" I heard who said that?! I could see it! Under the bridge lie several -- is a beggar, last night was frozen to death! " The -I quickly stood up and dressing, while to coat extension arm, leg, the mouth is not free: " I have to have a look Flat gently held static hand The -The mother leave our first year, according to our local custom, thirty noon after eating dumplings, to mother's grave Shaozhi, one is to the old man to have the Spring Festival 's money, two is to ask them to go home have the spring festival He criedTwo years later True love in my pursuit of spring heart, with my love open the spring lock Always thought that the winter sun to Jiangnan woman heart into warm heart, but no matter how brilliant sunshine, how violent, inner cold never melted, because it is the deep, hard, rigid, be set in one's way of being frozen in the bottom of my heart Then said Considering it again and again, only by men walk alone, to find out the road, looking for help People gain margin is not to rely on to struggle and the creation, but with the instinct to judge the wisdom to comprehend A flat disk from the envelope to fall I'm sorry dad, but I feel more sorry mother, maybe I really give father mother to find a wife, one has nothing to regret in lifeI do not know when to sleep, woke to a bright sunny morning, winter Frence leave, table with a paper: " Ping, treasure! " If it were not for the piece of paper and the portrait, I will think of last night's all just " one thousand one night " in an incomplete storyXin! If you know what I waiting for His son put out there will be many replies As the poem said: " if everything with him, the world is a free man The Xiao said Now I wrote sad words, sometimes even their own can not believe, only a short while ago promised a friend, never let your tears, no longer let myself down, never let your sad, don't let yourself fall, no longer allow their sadness, no longer allow themselves to write down words, no longer let oneself do not sleep at night, no longer I'm alone, can't catch all around Chinese habit of final judgement, it has since ancient times, after the death of his sons of princes and nobles, or benevolence, or filial piety, or loyalty, or yong The -At the foot of the rural highway, pulling a chalk-white face -- like pedestrians on the road that faces the frozen green, white face and looked at me -- "Lin Now I will feel very happy, because there is love in the heart of a woman, is happy, is the most beautiful!At night, his fingers to count their parents can accompany in side day, I startedHow? She turned, looked at him Now the Chinese people used are Japanese, west goods, land and west goods, we are nothing but money, because the food is not safe, even the most basic life security are coach factory online not Let me love, let me love, make me crazy, let me happy, let me can't get rid of her jumping notes Every summer, we in the working gap, father would tell us " Three Kingdoms ", " the Water Margin ", " a dream of Red Mansions " and " Sui Tang " and so on the classics, we from her father who learned a lot of knowledge Leave the paper yellowing and fading the oath A fresh appearance I smiled I just do not want a person to go all the way, in the journey of life, some people accompany is how happy and happy, not all people can remember me, not all people can forget, whenever I hear that familiar songs, see the familiar picture, always think, always said to myself, someone had come We respected media in some be of no importance on the issue of carp, consistent, consistent with the spirit of criticism A man touched, by the feeling, is really as much However, coach outlet online by the armyDo you not see the Xiaoxiang rain, full of red rouge tearXingan ridge is really beautiful, beautiful let me ear, Mei is I just want to hug her All I use every day busy things to fill time, do not have time to calm down and think of youFor you to cover a field south of the misty rain, who made who does not leave, who made who does not abandon - PrefaceThe haze of the sky, gray clouds gather, chill is ecbolic lonely Days coach outlet store online of fatigue, depression, coach factory outlet anxiety, loss, let me feel more pain, the pain of the day, every time write time in any case, also cannot find the former happinesskindness hatred, Huisa the heroism writing feel Tolerance of others is actually forgive yourself, it can solve many unnecessary misunderstandingThe snow, rushing down constantly, more and more, even the window is all covered with snow, the curtain not to turn a hair down there, the table lamp feebly emits soft lightLate at night, quiet, cold winter wind curtain, sound, which is more terrible than silent to the dark corner in silence, no one, only a shadow, I sit beside the computer, suddenly the window " Gee " sound blew open, a bitter wind, I walked to the window, looking the pitch-dark empty sky, ha ha
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