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Wolves ta: play the nets like playing Miami has strong opponent in handsome

Posted Jan 28 2013 2:34am
Minnesota timberwolves will be at home against enemy brooklyn basket the nets. Timberwolves disabled full camp, row soldiers were still struggling to make ends meet. Nike Air Max TN Before the game the team assistant coach terry porter said, can let a new sign of French foreign aid gravel bell guest star point guard role, he said this is helpless choice, because the team can at shooting guard brandon - Roy, member of the CaiSi - bardeen case at the beginning of the game early ShiWeiDe injured, in a few days ago was injured, in addition to Barry and besides, only gravel bell can play the point guard. Potter also said the defense deron and Joe Johnson worries, he says it was like playing with Miami, we can only try to get them away from the basket, don't let them too easy to score. Potter of the nets in handsome performance after praised, he said: "they shot has greatly improved, although they still maintain the original tactical system, they're running the same tactics. But they hit, improve the defense is strengthened. Their defender's performance is very good, center lopez also performance is very good, he is in very good condition."Brooklyn basket the nets will be away against the Minnesota timberwolves. From the start of the game and two hours or so, the reporter comes to stadium, see deron is shootaround, from three to throw into free throws, practice very hot really. After practice after the ball, deron mood looks good, the little fans signature requirements responsive, round to small fans signature. Small fans brought them to deron sign that is multifarious, let sign shoes, let the sign of clothes, incredibly still have take rubio, who poster of. To get the signature of small fans also appears very excited, show to the reporter his signature. Nike Air Max 360 The Houston rockets are for a playoff tickets and moving, they need some help, obviously the Memphis grizzlies' zach Randolph is potential object, if lando husband to join, then he will give the team bring tremendous influence. Basket world "reporter alex Kennedy in the report points out," I got the news from view, grizzlies will likely keep gay, and ready to zach Randolph traded to the rockets, because the latter very like lando husband." ESPN columnist matt - stern have reported that the team total wages is too high, grizzlies recently has been considered through the trading team players to reduce the risk of pay the luxury tax. Had been in the trade rumors in the team is leading scorer Rudy gay, but Memphis is likely to leave guy, the team hope that he can be in the playoffs to Memphis bring more return, and the team will be trading goal on the main power forward lando's body. As a former all-star power forward, 31, lando husband didn't hit the skids. If the rockets can get lando husband, then the has played in the league last season and the veteran will bring huge influence to the rockets. Nike Air Max 360 Mens Although the rockets this season's really let a person shine at the moment, but they have no a good inside scorer game in charge. O made is a great rebounder, at present the most rockets a weak position is 4 a, whether patterson still morris, relatively immature. Last season's husband encounter by injuries, but this season strong return, lando husband, who is a respect for his teammates, will stand up at the critical moment of the guy. More important is, lando husband can improve the grade of defense, the rockets in the NBA defensive team, the worst one of Syria's joining will bring help to the rockets. In addition, lando's rebound ability is also the rockets a perfect complement. Finally, lando husband rich game experience and outstanding leadership, but also young the rockets need. This season, the rockets list only a player in the age of 30 above, lando husband has played in the league for a long time, he know how to win, he will set an example, help young players in this season improve. Of course, the rockets want get lando husband is not easy, they may not don't give up a lot of young talent, fortunately, the rockets have a lot of players like that. Of course the rockets can also through the third team to join us to complete the deal.The heat will at home against the Toronto raptors, raptors last home force escape the lakers, morale is booming. And the heat first quarter, raptors also played flawed, but the heat is really have super star team, lebron James and dwyane wade for stage with subtlety. Nike Air Max 360 Womens First James dribble rush, assists wade on alley-oop layup; Then he grabbed defensive rebounds, wade catch, direct long front of James, the emperor's catch breakthrough the basket and dedication wonderful split button.
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