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Wind Miles's eyes swept from the face of each person one by one

Posted Nov 01 2012 2:09pm
Very imprudent to do? Softley in next Kate stood up, he said: Remaining four people Seeing this situation invariably stood up and asked in unison: Had made the decision to delay magic Assembly when wind Miles expecting veterans questioned He pondered for a moment, to sort out his thoughts and said: we first have to discuss this problem, here, I want to apologize to you, as president, I make such a major decision not by your vote, I was wrong! Five people see the president of this attitude, the look on his face was much better.
    Wind Miles's eyes swept from the face of each person one by one, followed by wind Miles went on to say: immediately catch the thing! happened when six of you not in the Magic Association, I was sensitive to the misfortune of the past, but when I arrived late, the tragedy has happened! Wind Miles said that suddenly stopped. Already some dull atmosphere of the meeting, everyone silent north face denali jackets even more dull. Nobody speak.
    It took a while, wind Miles was a bitter tone continued: the garrison; although a small number, but they are all elite division. believe that in today's world no one would dare to attack them! history proves it all this year, however, the the card display north face apex bionic jacket garrison Vilas garrison suddenly attacked by a mysterious master attacks losses. soldiers die dead, hurt hurt. battlefield situation is appalling. According to the I secretly findings, the the card being significantly garrison soldiers almost extinct, leaving only some of the more powerful magic division; Vilas garrison lost hundreds of soldiers! Wind Miles said that five veterans no longer sit still.
    Most popular Softley temper, he Softley's mantra is Always pay attention to the strength of the real-Kate said: Condemning underway, we do not know
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