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why would one experience pain in a femoral to femoral arterial bypass?

Posted by vwest6789

My father is 51. Alcoholic and a smoker all his (adult) life. Had a blood clot in his lower calf two years ago. a stint was put in to catch/diffuse the clot had it dislodged.  He presumes the clot absorbed back into the body, his foot is still very discolored. he says the coloring is worse now than when he had the clot. he had a femoral to femoral arterial bypass put in... which is now causing him pain. A) what would/could the pain be coming from B) what are the risks with having the bypass done C) is it possible that this bypass has caused his most recent trip to the ER because of Hives (intense itching), vomitting, diarrhea and even his kidney starting to shut down?


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