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why the treasure to be hidden in that kind of place

Posted Oct 28 2012 3:58pm
Translated landed.
La Sier soothing frayed nerves, smiled and replied successor quietly in the depths of the desert waiting for your arrival., where the dark people of God, where the dark god invincible legions of undead go! directing Dark God undead if you dark god the heirs, you will be able to get the loyalty of legions of undead if you are not dark and the heirs of God, and that you will be the dark god of the Legion obliterate the undead Dark God is invincible undead Dark God only accept the darkness of God instructions. go! darkness God's descendant, I will be waiting for you in the depths of the desert, in darkness and God's blessing, I will wait for your arrival.
After the finish, La Sier wiped his forehead sweat, pointing to the following symbols Road The following are some of the ancient coordinates reason I translated this monument so long, is difficult to understand because of the above coordinates to be translated These coordinates are considerable trouble. Gesi Win! seems we're going to the depths of the desert, advancing according to the coordinates on the monument.
why the treasure to be hidden in that kind of place. Could treasures can not be hidden in the sunny, splendid scenery, like spring, flowers, beautiful clouds place? cool hidden in north face clearance there, north face jackets for men not only to get the treasure, maybe There are beautiful PLMM devotion to when Tale of Two Wives.
Jintian think of a movie plot, it seems that each treasure necessarily dangerous, necessarily what powerful BOSS guard. Treasure Super BOSS guard considered truly valuable treasures.
La Sier Zou brow, feel uneasy replied the defeated king fled to the depths of the desert, alone, all the soldiers are dead. become a servant of the Dark God, Dark God send him an undead to let Scorpion King to destroy his enemies. available that too few relics of the era, and I do not know the Zhezhi undead in the end what I only know Zhezhi undead legend is the most terrible forces After listening to the answer of La Sier, Kaneda felt waves of tingling, Is the world really forces you what undead monsters? Impossible, it is just something legendary rumors of this thing is terrible a
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