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why Nokia chooses Microsoft

Posted Aug 25 2011 10:01am

Nokia and Microsoft formally announced that the two sides will reach a broad strategic cooperation, nokia's high-end phones will use Microsoft Windows 7 please system and will use Windows Phone as its main smartphone operating system. And nokia maps will become  one central part of Microsoft mapping service.

IT industry is a special industry, it must need more research funds, in the scientific research of the provision enough development funds and risk covered. So IT's really the boss, "disposable" free money is not much: apple may be the first boss when hand a large amount of cash, the financial report suggests that about more than $500, about two times as many as in the market value of the nokia; Google's cash surplus also so musch, but should be less than apple and Microsoft; Microsoft's cash surplus and its peak time, though not there is still some around $30 billion; Other IT manufacturers have no so filthy rich--or is not enough, or is profitable surplus high but small scale.

In the construction of ecological system, nokia to give up their own application stores, but hte content and applications will be integrated into the Ovi store Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Nokia will use the Windows as main operation system of the smart phones, and on the platform, nokia will innovate in the market leading position, such as taking pictures, etc.; But nokia is still not going to immediately give up saiban system, has sold 200 million units in both saiban system on the basis of mobile phones, is still planning to sell 150 million mobile phone system in the future.

For this, Gundotra Google vice President in Twitter ironic said: "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle"

According to latest news, Microsoft before the cooperation provided "billions of dollars" to help nokia a few year ago, as to extend the market as well as development of Windows mobile operating system, according to the cooperation agreement of the two companies,  nokia will be using Windows as its main smartphone operating system, and Microsoft need to provide certain nokia financial aid. Although nokia need to Microsoft Windows software copyright please pay cost, but Mr The roper said, the cooperation can help nokia "breaks a lot of operation cost", because nokia itself need not poured money into independent development of operating systems. "Billions of dollars", Microsoft is not bad this money, nokia but really urgent need: new intelligence platform of the human cost, the design, the marketing network and promotion costs.

In this business, although the Nokia disappointed the intel, but more making intel sadly should be the Microsoft, and Microsoft has coorperation with intel for more than 30 years in PC field. and now the old Allies of Windows only support the ARM architecture, it seems that in the mobile platform, it has been difficult for intel to find a powerful ally.

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