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Why are my upper thighs aching at night while I am sleeping?

Posted by lcthompson5946

I have been hurting all night with upper leg pain for about two weeks now.   In the past I had been aching on the sides of my hips and knees but not lately.  It seemed to move to the top of my thighs and hurts all night but when I get up it goes away and all during the day while I am at work it doesn't hurt either.  Sometimes my legs ache when I am tired or hurt some durning the day but that is usually in my leg near my knee.  I go to bed feeling fine but about a few hours later my upper thighs are aching so much.   I hate to think what it will be like when I am older.   I have a left severe arthritic hip.  I just found out I have a hypothyroid problem, which may explain my tiredness durning the day and muscle aches that I have been having.  I have been on synthroid for 7 days now.  I am feeling better during the day, I can walk better, and I have energy and feel like doing more.   I work full time as a teacher assistant.   I am 62 yrs old.  I have been exercising with strengthining cords on my legs pretty regular but that never seemed to bother me.    I dread going to bed at night because I know I am going to wake up hurting.   What could it be?   I am also on Lipitor and meds for High blood pressure.
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I am not a physician - what you describe can be the result of any number of factors including the medical issues for wich you are taking medications.  Mixtures  of some meds can cause drug reactions [see this post]

You might try a glass of warm milk at night before bed-time and checking with your medical provider to see if it might be a reaction to the meds.  

Oh my goodness! I read this and thought, "That's me!" The only thing is that I'm 33 years old and on no meds and I try to excerise at least 3x weekly, 30min of cardio and 15 min of strength training but have stopped because sometimes my knees hurt the following day. But the nightly thigh pains are getting to be kind of distrubing. My knees hurt sometimes too. No other joints in my body aches only my legs. What is it?

Hi - As I said above I'm not a physician and can not tell you what is causing your aches.

I can ask: do you stretch? do yoga or pilates? do the exercises in proper form? work on separately strenghtening your quads?

I can also suggest you look at this page and specifically at the Ambrotose and BounceBack products:


I'm 19 and I'm having the same symptoms and I'm not on any medications at all.  Can someone please help?? Thanks.

I have this problem too, and am not a physician. My current thought is that while I worked out nearly four hours a week, it may be from sitting long periods of time at the computer.  I also am now starting to take at least one banana a day for the potassium to see if that doesn't help.  I know my thighs are tighter than most people, so perhaps I need more stretching exercises as well, after workouts. Lastly, I have slight numbness on the top of my right thigh, which I am told could be a pinced nerve. I am doing more stretching exercises of the pelvis to help relieve that.

I will keep you all posted.

I have something just like it.  I went to my neurologist and she thinks I have "restless leg syndrome"..Can come from a chemical reaction in the brain or lack of iron, magnisium and a few other things.  I began taking a drug call Mirapex and at first it seemed to help but now the pain is back. I'm waiting to call her this morning.  It even hurts to walk during the day.  I'm an active 71 year old but these days feel like 101.

Good luck...Anna 



I am 40 years old, and my legs are so tired and hurt. The upper part of my thighs ache like I have worked them out heavily. It is affecting me during the day, and the inner part of of either leg hurts too. My husband states I move and twitch my legs in the night. I am now aware I do this, and I feel like my leg cramping is worse. Please help..Tina
I am 46 years old and have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I have been having excruciating upper thigh and hip pain at night for over a year. I began doing an all raw vegan diet 24 days ago ( and my thigh pain has virtually disappeared. It used to keep me up in agony all night. After the research I am doing, I am VERY suspicious that this pain is somehow linked to genetically engineered food....stay away from corn and soy unless it is 100% organic....otherwise you are eating Monsanto GMOs and they are deadly. Most of my other illness and fibro symptoms have disappeared as well.
RawVeganChick: Your "vegan diet"drivel is snake oil.
Forward-facing eyes (to judge distance and focus on a target)... predatory-type dental structure... stomachs unable to fully digest plant tissue... humans are primarily carnivores. Deal with it.
Furthermore... fad diets like the one you're touting, can GET PEOPLE KILLED. You are not a doctor, or a dietary specialist, or anything special. You're just another new-ager, looking for attention.

Now, as for the serious commenters:
I'm not a doctor, of any kind... but I was an Artillery Spotter, in the Army. Very high physical fitness demands. I have been a unit physical fitness coordinator, and went through training to consult Soldiers on the Army's weight control program, and how to manage their diet to maintain healthy weight.
For 8 years, I was in constant peak physical condition. I've been off active duty for two years, and stopped my daily exercise routine, almost a year ago, due to service-connected disabilities. I am now experiencing these symptoms, as well.
It may stem from something as simple as your body adjusting to a more average level of conditioning. The muscle tissue is going through some mild forms of atrophy, and you are used to having denser muscle, with more blood flowing through (the aches sometimes feel like chills, right?), but now your body is becoming "normal", and this causes discomfort and even occasional pain.
However, the aches we're experiencing, may be signs of more serious conditions. Be on constant alert, and know what is happening with your body. The short-term solution might be to try running a little bit, every week, and see if that staves off the aches.

If you are unsure... go see a real doctor. Follow advice from the internet as though it were actual qualified medical advice, and you might end up with this adverse irreperable condition we know as "being dead".

i have been looking for people with the same symptoms! finally! I think ormone have something to do with these symptoms I too havs a thyroid problem. I am on synthroid. In the morning I am bery tired and my hip ans knee joints feel like I worked out during my sleep. Hip pain  wakes me up during the night. Kness and legs heavy and tired in the morning. I cant get used to this! I am 38 years old. I feel 55 psysically. Occasionally my heart also beats hard at night causing me to take several deep breaths. I dont take my meds like I should. I will start because I am really seeing the effects of thyroid desease. 

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