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Who is filtering or blocking the website anyway?

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:00am

     We all faced such awkwardness in our life that our internet which support us to  access Facebook  would be blocked abruptly and we couldn’t find a solution or a way to solve it.It is very curious for us to know that what on earth is filtering or blocking our access to the Facebook platform.Okay,today we will tell you a truth about who should be responsible for this blocking process.

     One thing should be clear that the kinds of people and institutions who try to restrict the internet use of specific people are as varied as their goals when they choose the  Facebook login proxy. They include parents, schools, commercial companies, operators of Internet cafés or Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and governments which is at different levels.

     The extreme end of the spectrum of Internet control is when a national government attempts to restrict the ability of its entire population to use the Internet to access the whole categories of information or to share information freely with the outside world. Research by the OpenNet Initiative has documented the many ways that more and more countries is filtering and blocking the internet access for their citizens.

     These countries regularly ruled with pervasive filtering policies, who have been found to routinely block access to human rights organizations, news, blogs, and Web services that challenge the  status quo  or are deemed threatening or undesirable. Others block access to single categories of Internet content, or intermittently to specific websites or network services to coincide with strategic events, such as elections or public demonstrations when you  get on Facebook at school  or at work.

     Even countries with generally strong protections for free speech sometimes try to limit or monitor Internet use in connection with suppressing pornography, so-called "hate speech", terrorism and other criminal activities, leaked military or diplomatic communications, or the infringement of copyright laws.

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