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When you complete your novice procedure then you will reach

Posted May 10 2013 2:25am

If you are a new aspect in Runescape, you can take my advice to get advanced level. After creating your action figures you will get many Beginner procedure and get through them and begin your trip to next phase. So, more RS Silver you can get and powerful Runescape Powerleveling you can update.

When you complete your novice procedure then you will reach LUMBRIDGE which is a town for new people. Refill your blade and begin to destroy. No issue the citizen or the green monster you just crack them but don't touch the guider or you will be in trouble of Runescape.

You will get in the quantity Buy Runescape Gold if you continue eliminating the monster. Then you walk to the eastern and turn to the northern after combination the stream and come into a very big barrier where many livestock are. Yes, no more word just put up you blade crack them and you will get more set. Remember to keep them in your financial institution. These leathers are very useful for new aspect to create Runescape Silver. You can update to the quantity 20 when you keep eliminating the cow then you can go to ALKHARID. Go straight to the ALKHARID financial institution and and then sell your set to gamers in the price of each 100GP.
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