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When the emperor succeeding god zhan dunk lost the ball the heat 65-54 bull

Posted Feb 23 2013 3:06am
The NBA regular season on a eastern bolton, the heat away against the bulls, three ZhanBa, Miami to a 65-54 lead. James had 22 points, including the third quarter scored 11 points. Nike Air Max 95 Womens The first quarter, the bosh with hit, NuoA inside singles in color, Miami and then by a few quick counterattack, check moss and James to cut down the ten points, hit a small high tide, pulled away to 12-6. The bulls calm battle, NuoA inside detonation button inroads, Robinson have breakthrough, a shooting 3-pointers, the bulls pulled away after, 11-12. The heat continuous error, the bulls counterattack, once put the score for 15-13, check moss layup, dwyane wade, lebron James and two foul shots after the three-pointer, Miami hit 6 points of the shock wave, 19-15. The bulls condition not disorderly, luol deng and Gibson rate team counterattack. Allen penalty goal, the first quarter tied at 22-22. James cut down 9 points, bulls Robinson also have nine points sum. In the second quarter, the substitute's wars, rookie case even two ball, battier hit 3-pointers, 26-26. Gibson inside detonation button, Allen retaliate a breakthrough layup, both sides substitute even Steven. The main heat slowly change, wade even two ball, cole breakthrough building, Allen again, ten points of the shock wave, 36 - and. The bulls attack into the mire, James layup building - 5 throw in 5, points difference open to two digits, and - and. In berry the penalty to finish the bulls scoring drought, bosh and two ball. Nike Air Max 97 Wade to James pass, detonation button in the first half, which ended, 45-35. James half 5 made five of cut down the heat high scores 11 points, wade seven points. The third quarter, James assists, bosh air relay detonation button inroads, give the bulls a run. James three-pointer projected Boston, missed the game the first ball, but he soon make amends, complete 2 + 1 attack, fifty to 37. Bosh and dwyane wade attack inroads, three giant power all show, played the bulls only parry. Funny thing is, James in under the condition of no defense to detonation button, so that the ball slide hand out, missed the chance to beat up reservoir dogs. The bulls played a 6-0 shock wave, 49 - and. The emperor stand up for three times with a steady situation, 62-49. The heat show the strength of the eastern first, and finally with 11 points lead into the small battle.Within the scope of the league, the lakers and is not a so popular role, but interestingly, jerry buss in the league but received widespread respect. Not only because he is changes brought by the NBA, and because of his personality charm. He died in that evening, virtuous man in the jay lai's late show "asked jerry buss problem. Always with wide mad star image in the virtuous man said: "he is like my father", then SOB to cannot continue to answer. But each website about bath after news of the death, also appeared such as the celtics this lakers team feuding fans to express respect. Cheap Nike Air Max 97 For the alliance and the other team's people, buss's death means losing a visionary a wise man. But for those and buss has deeper friendship of people, they lost more than a team boss. The 1979-80 season, in the bath and the "magic" common "rookie season", two people together is holding the championship trophy. "Together we participated in palm springs for training camp, we don't know what to expect. We have a special potential, we just don't know how to play out." "Magic" said, "people think that we can't get a championship, but Dr Believe the team, he believes me." Buss and Johnson's success is reflected not only in the basketball court, and under the present cooperation. "He let me see all kinds of books, and this is why I can now become the merchant's reason, because Dr, he allowed me to buy the lakers." When the "magic" thoroughly after retirement from the game of basketball, buss let he $10 million for 4% of their shares, it is also the buss break rules allow others to buy his lakers shares. "When I play, he told the point in money, he would let me become a partner." Johnson said, "Dr Commitments will come true." Kobe Bryant life half of the time is spent in the lakers, there are two times, he almost take off zijin shirt. In 2004, become a free agent when kobe and shaq because the contradiction and consider signing with other teams, old buss in "OK combination" in chose Bryant. During a holiday in Italy was buss to kobe Bryant hit a telephone, is talking on the phone, it changed the kobe Bryant's mind, let he chose to sign a contract extension, rather than signing with the boat. Nike Air Max 1 In the summer of 2007, when Bryant in the interview issued "trade me" declaration, the lakers had actually and piston reached a deal with kobe Bryant, for piston core players and draft picks. In the final decision ago, buss invite have veto power trading kobe Bryant came to his home. Kobe Bryant now in retrospect, was in the bath house, trading place exactly is Chicago or Detroit is not important, in the bath, he understands the home as a lifelong the lakers' important. He understood that no matter how unbearable situation, buss is always a victory first boss. Stay kobe Bryant scored the lakers' response, February, 2008, the team traded pau gasol, then SanJin finals, two take a championship. "In my career, he means everything. Bryant said, "from my 17 year old had just graduated from high school, and choose my whole career believe me."
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