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What to do about your vision at age 40

Posted Oct 11 2009 1:58pm
It is an interesting statistic that there are more farsighted people than nearsighted, and many of these people do not even know that there eyes are not perfect until they are in their 30's or 40's. This is a group which rarely goes to the eye doctor until one day, everything up close begins to get blurry. As the years go by, the blur gets worse and even distant objects are not as clear but many still chalk it up to old eyes. In fact, after ruling out rare but serious eye problems, this is most likely what we call hyperopia, and the good news is that LASIK can help. Many people ask if LASIK can cure presbyopia, which is the need for reading glasses that accompanies older age, and the answer is not exactly, but in those cases with farsightedness or hyperopia, there is an opportunity to retain or even improve distance vision while at the same time dramatically improve near vision and without the need for reading glasses. This can benefit many people who did not know that LASIK might be able to help them. Here is the reason why.
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