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What the crowd for water pillow Old people

Posted Jan 30 2013 2:10am

What the crowd for water pillow
Old people
Because the frail elderly yang attenuation. If you have several pieces of clothing to wear more than others, and that you really want to pay attention to the body! Yang and Oh! Such people are easy to cold, especially cold, cold hands and feet, waist and chills, white fur, the cold water nose, stool easy shapeless and diarrhea, cold is the easy shivering tremble. Discount Bedding sets
? Pregnant women and infants
Pregnant women in the cold winter a little attention on cold medicine worried about the health of the baby, do not eat if the fever trouble. The electric blanket pregnant women can not be used, for fear of radiation affect the baby's development. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women warm particularly important. Plumbing blanket so that pregnant women effective safety warm at the same time can increase resistance to immune system! Infant well as heating, health and development growth!
Cold hands and feet, lack of blood
Cold hands and feet is a common disease of women. Children as well as physiological cycle lead. The sleep specialist studies have shown that only when people do not feel the cold, in order to ensure the smooth flow of microcirculation, plumbing blanket few months, cold hands and feet of the problems will disappear automatically. (Severe cold to tie eat Herbal Treatment)! Women during physiological cycle, physical decline, cold, decreased immunity; can not eat cold is the truth. Plumbing blanket can improve immunity and physical fitness.
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular crowd bedding sets
Plumbing blanket automatic thermostat heating system in the winter sleep is always to maintain the proper temperature, so as to effectively prevent people catch cold at night, and may indirectly play a role of prevention of fever, cough and other diseases. Cold is caused by the contraction of the small blood vessels and increased blood viscosity, leading to myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction bolt, plumbing blanket in the dilation of blood vessels under the action of heat, promote blood circulation, activate cells; effective in preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.
Rheumatism, bone and joint diseases crowd
American College of Rheumatology published more than a dozen categories of human disease, a hundred species rheumatism areas, the bed temperature is too low and the humidity is too high due to rheumatism number reached more than one billion. The China Southern climate humidity, such as Chongqing, an annual average of 105-150 days in fog and the northern region in the heating before and after two or three months the temperature is very low, coast tidal weighing, general Bedding hygroscopic serious. Plumbing blanket automatic heating thermostat system automatically removing bedding, bedding moisture always keep dry, warm, good preventive effect on rheumatic diseases.
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