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What's your fitness personality type?

Posted Aug 26 2010 12:44am

Fitness class I'm still totally immersed in all things 'fitness and exercise' at the moment, ahead of my fitness instructor course which, officially, starts in September.  I say 'officially' because that's when the classroom part of the course starts - the 'home-study' bit has been underway for a couple of months and I live in sweat pants and trainers (sneakers) nowadays.  I'm now fully conversant with the workings of the vascular system, I can tell you where the golgi tendon organs are located and my tidal volume has never been better, thank you very much!

So, with all that in mind, I thought I'd share with you this article by Dr David Demko, gerontologist and editor of AgeVenture News Service , about matching your fitness activities to your personality.  According to this, I reckon I'm a combo of the Self-Confident and Introspective personalities.

How about you?

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