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What's the most difficult thing for Microsoft Surface Tablet

Posted Oct 08 2012 8:48am

The online edition of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote, while Microsoft Surface plate is a good hardware, but due to the construction of retail channels are un- advanced, channels and after-sales service could become the greatest challenge to Microsoft in the field of mobile devices.

Microsoft Win8 Tablet Surface is probably the company developed the first truly outstanding mobile devices. But for Microsoft, how to sell more equipment and services for consumers is the greatest challenge.

Surface Tablet is expected to be shipped in the fourth quarter. This device is especially attractive for business users. Different from the iPad, Surface will be built in popular Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, and so on. Surface Tablet also has innovative keyboard casing, without increasing the overall weight of the equipment case provides a better typing experience.

According to data from market research firm Strategy Analytics, iPad currently dominates the entire Tablet market, second-quarter global market share as high as 68%. As iPad continues to erode PC sales, Windows and Office will be suffered, so Microsoft responded is essential.

But Microsoft's biggest problem may come from the channel. Win8 operating system running Surface is a new device, and has two distinct models, running a variety of applications. Taking into account these potential consumers may want hands-on experience before you buy.

The trouble is, and not much place for consumers to experience Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft in the United States has less than 30 stores, only a retail store in Toronto in the international market.

Meanwhile, as of June this year, Apple has 372 stores in 12 countries around the world. Best buy, Wal-Mart, and even shop for wireless carriers, can be found iPad shadow. What is more, Apple also offers all kinds of Apple accessories, such as cheap iphone 5 cases, cheap ipod cases, cheap ipad 2 cases and so on. However, Microsoft has yet built channel relationships with other retailers. The company plans before the Christmas holidays in the United States added 35 stores. Even so, such as Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix United States still not Microsoft retail stores in big cities. Only New York and San Francisco each have a temporary retail stores. Added number of overseas outlets is zero.

Microsoft will also sell Surface online, but many consumers might want to experience before buying into their own hands.

Of course, equipment manufacturers such as Dell and HP with a large reseller channel. With the passage of time, touch interface of the new operating system will help Microsoft extend to every corner of the world. But so far, these vendors on display devices are not as exciting as the Surface flat. These companies do not gain any significant market share in flat areas.

Great layout for Apple retail service is also to provide consumers with a variety of site selection. By contrast, Microsoft Xbox hosts providing most of the services are carried out through telephone and Internet. When these problems cannot be solved, users had to express their device to repair for Microsoft users, users will sometimes wait two weeks or more.

Small business customers may be particularly interested in getting a lot of support, while Microsoft may be hard to do that.

For Microsoft, a piece of good news is that history shows that sales of high quality products will come up with my own. IPhone originally limited sales channel, only in the United States and sold bound AT&T exclusive operator, but still was a big success.

Bernstein Research Analyst Toni Sacconaghi, said that qianwanbu results from Xbox sales up as can be seen, Microsoft has proved its ability to develop an attractive hardware devices.

But even so, the Zune music player and Kin Smartphone fiasco showed that Microsoft must be very hard to win customers for the new device. At the time of Microsoft's new product launch will have hundreds of loyal buyers queued overnight to buy, Microsoft is not so much for their line up.

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