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What role does exercise play in keeping joints and muscles more flexible?

Posted by gentleflower

I belong to a gym and try to work out two to three times a week. No one has shown me proper stretching exercises that I need to do. I still notice that my "butt" seems to ache when ever I stand up from a sitting position. (but not at the gym, only from a  hard or soft chair) After two or three steps I feel fine. I do not believe in taking a lot of medications for every little ache and pain. I believe in more of a Holistic type of approach with my health. Most doctors perfer to mask the problem. Is there a type of exercise or a food that I must eliminate in my diet? I am a meat eater. I am in my sixties!
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Does the gym offer yoga classes? I've been doing yoga for decades as it's a great way to stretch properly. 

And like you I do prefer not to not take meds or even aspirin for aches and pains. I use food-based supplements that keep me from aching after activity... i also market tehse supplements so if you'd like more info - please let me know.


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