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What makes a good dementia-friendly community?

Posted Jan 09 2013 3:30am

We'll be posing the question "What makes a good dementia-friendly community?" to people with dementia and their loved ones, as part of the scoping work to develop one such in a small seaside town in north Norfolk. Our approach is to meet the issue from the heart rather than the intellect.

Asking people to consider the issues and what would make a difference, is the first stage. We need – and can achieve – better understanding, communication and daily life for all, but not without knowing what people want.

There are some other questions we'll be asking local people as well. Here's a sample:

  • What do you want from people offering services to the community and how could this be delivered?
  • What do you struggle with and what would make you feel better supported?
  • How can we help everyone in the community to understand the experience of a person with dementia and their carers better?
  • How could we support local people to be more effective enablers and advocates, especially younger people?
  • Which activities that you enjoy would you like to do more of?
  • What do you fear most? What gives you reassurance when you need it?

The results will feed into the project going forward. If you have an interest in such matters, or knowledge of other projects of this nature, I would be interested to hear from you. Just leave a comment here and we'll contact you directly.

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