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What is a torn ovary???And does it matter at age 67

Posted by JeannieCollom-Roberts

I'm haveing a test(X-Ray) to see if I have a torn ovary,does it really matter at my age,other than pain??/
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Sorry, I'm not familiar w/torn ovaries.  Perhaps your doctor meant a "torsed" ovary, as in ovarian torsion.  This is a situation in which the ovary twists on itself and its blood supply.  The pain is due to the lack of blood flow.  I suppose if you're 67yo and have gone thru menopause, that implies that your ovaries are no longer functional.  However, that doesn't mean that they're dead tissue.  In fact, your ovaries are well & alive since the lack of blood flow is causing you pain.  Thus, if your ultrasound demonstrates ovarian torsion, it would probably be best to have some surgery to untwist it and tack it down so this doesnt happen again.  You certainly don't want dead tissue floating around in your belly.  Get a 2nd opinion if you need.  Hope this helps!  Good luck!
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