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What in the other

Posted Dec 05 2012 9:25am
Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Is that all? No — Although only an inch high he is in imminent danger of seduction from a “sylphid queen,” dressed in a mantle of “rolled purple, ” “tied with threads of dawning gold,” “buttoned with a sparkling star,” Aluminum Roof Mounting Clamp and sitting under a rainbow with “beamlet eyes” and a countenance of “lily roon.” In our account of all this matter we have had reference to the book — and to the book alone. It will be difficult to prove us guilty in any degree of distortion or exaggeration. Solar Energy Mounting Product Yet such are the puerilities we daily find ourselves called upon to admire, as among the loftiest efforts of the human mind, and which not to assign a rank with the proud trophies of the matured and vigorous genius of England, is to prove ourselves at once a fool; Solar Panel Mounting Structure a maligner, and no patriot.7 7 A review of Drake’s poems, emanating from one of our proudest Universities, does not scruple to make use of the following language in relation to the Culprit Fay. Solar Ground Mounting Structure “It is, to say the least, an elegant production, the purest specimen of Ideality we have ever met with, sustaining in each incident a most bewitching interest. Its very title is enough,” &c. &c. We quote these expressions as a fair specimen of the general unphilosophical and adulatory tenor of our criticism. Solar Energy Mount Product As an instance of what may be termed the sublimely ridiculous we quote the following lines — With sweeping tail and quivering fin,The [lines of the last verse], if considered without their context, have a certain air of dignity, elegance, and chastity of thought. Solar Energy Mounting Kit If however we apply the context, we are immediately overwhelmed with the grotesque. It is impossible to read without laughing, such expressions as “It was a strange and lovely sight”—“He seemed an angel form of light”—“And sitting at the fall of even, beneath the bow of summer heaven” to a Fairy — a goblin — Aluminum Mounting Product an Ouphe — half an inch high, dressed in an acorn helmet and butterfly-cloak, and sitting on the water in a muscleshell, with a “brown-backed sturgeon” turning somersets over his head. In a world where evil is a mere consequence of good, and good a mere consequence of evil — in short where all of which we have any conception is good or bad only by comparison Solar Energy Mounting Clamp — we have never yet been fully able to appreciate the validity of that decision which would debar the critic from enforcing upon his readers the merits or demerits of a work with another. It seems to us that an adage has had more to do with this popular feeling than any just reason founded upon common sense. PV Mounting Structure Thinking thus, we shall have no scruple in illustrating our opinion in regard to what is not Ideality or the Poetic Power, by an example of what is.8 8 As examples of entire poems of the purest ideality, we would cite the Prometheus Vinctus of Aeschylus, the Inferno of Dante, Cervantes’ Destruction of Numantia, the Comus of Milton, Pope’s Rape of the Lock, Burns’ Tam O’Shanter, the Auncient Mariner, the Christabel, and the Kubla Khan of Coleridge, Aluminum Ground System and most especially the Sensitive Plant of Shelley, and the Nightingale of Keats. PV Energy Mounting Product We have seen American poems evincing the faculty in the highest degree. We have already given the description of the Sylphid Queen in the Culprit Fay. In the Queen Mab of Shelley a Fairy is thus introduced —Those who had looked upon the sight
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