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What does right arm numbness, blurry vision and fatigue mean?

Posted by marynana

After an 8 mile leisurely, (one hour), bike ride last night, I got home and soon experienced numbness in my right arm and hand, blurry vision and fatigue, along with some lightheadedness.  The numbness lasted about 30 min.  I took a shower and went to bed, feeling very weak.  This morning I feel tired, weak, and have a headache when I bend over.  I also had a headache during the night when I woke up several times.  I took Excedrine Migraine, one tablet, 250 mg, during the night and one this morning.

I am in good health, active, 5'7" and weigh 155 lbs.  I am 69 years old.

Thank you,


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