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what cream or lotion can I use to help tighten the loss of elasticity in the inner arms?

Posted by Nonna3

As a mature adult, I am noticing the beginning of sagging skin under my arms which is no longer attractive when wearing sleeveless dresses or tops.  Is there a serum, cream, or lotion that can be used similar to one that is used on the face to promote plumping of the skin and aid in wrinkle reduction?
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Sadly, I know of no cream, lotion or other chemical/medicine that has passed the rigors of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in order to be approved by the FDA for the purposes that you ask.  Exercise will firm up the triceps muscle under the skin but may or may not effect the skin, especially if you've lost quite a bit of weight recently.  That's where the skills of a plastic surgeon might come in handy to remove excess skin and visually tighten things up.  Good luck!

Hello Dear,

The problem you are facing is called cellulite. You can go for cellulite massage. Massage the portion where you feel cellulite.Use the cellulite cream which contain natural ingredient. As  give positive effect without any side effects. 

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