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What can this sudden radiating sharp, shooting pain from the sole of her feet to the top of her head be caused by?

Posted by aespier

my mom is 72 yrs old her dx are hypertension and high cholesterol as well as,diverticulitis and  osteoporosis. In the past two weeks she has experience severe sharp shooting, burning pain from the soles of her feet to the top of her head and the pain radiating with really bad burning sensation . She went to ER and was left in hosp for her high blood pressure and 3 days later the podiatrist took x-rays and it seems no one has told her anything concrete other than telling her it could of been a rare side affect to an antibiotic and that she could be with this pain 2-4yrs and only give her tylenol for the pain and my mom has been crying hysterically daily in the hosp especially at night the pain gets worse. She stated today she has not gotten the shooting pain to her head but the pain is with her 24/7 in her feet area. what can you tell me on this. She is in NY and I am in VA and feel so helpless for her. She has never been dx with any mental disorders and is a very active and independent person. The hosp told her that they can suggest to her a Nursing home and my mom does not need to be in a nursing home she has more energy than I do. Please help!
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