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What a unique iPhone 5 case

Posted Nov 19 2012 9:38am

Although the launch time of the iPhone 5 was not long, but the corresponding parts of the iPhone 5 has almost completed. The Keyboard Buddy iPhone5 was specifically designed for the integrated thin standard keyboard and personal protection case, the keyboard is also equipped with LED backlight, so you can at any time easy typing. Without typing, simply put the keyboard into mobile phone back, rugged mobile phone case can also protect your iPhone5 from scratch, but will not affect any mobile phone external function using.

If you want to give your iPhone5 to equip with a portable keyboard, it may wish to consider BoxWave that was recently launched the ultra-thin keyboard of mobile phone case. The Keyboard Buddy iPhone5 was designed specifically for the integrated thin standard keyboard and personal protection case, the keyboard is also equipped with LED backlight, so you can easy typing at any time.

Name: Keyboard Buddy Apple iPhone 5 Case

Price: $89.95

LABC 105 protective case shaped likes many parts manufacturers prior to the release of the wallet type protective sleeve, integrally molded protective case design looks very simple. Storage capacity of 8GB USB Flash Drive was placed in the back shell bottom, and easy to use.

LAB.C recently released a version with USB function of the iPhone 5 protection sleeve. This section of the protective sleeve in the outer protective sleeve with a USB Flash Drive memory chip, for those who need to keep information stored by the user, this is really just meet manna. How very special iPhone 5 is case! If you want to find more and more unique iphone 5 cases, you can go to best case mall.

The LAB.C 105 iPhone 5 mobile phone protective cases sold for $42, equivalent to about 262 yuan.

KONAMI recently announced that it will offer "metal gear" 25 anniversary edition iPhone5 mobile phone case. Mobile phone case is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is plating layer alumite film, the medial case is a silicide layer pad, light weight and extremely hard, can effectively protect your love. The product will be released in December 17th, price 8900 yen.

We must all know iPhone5 shell is made of metal aluminum, so there are problems such as paint. If so, let us in it then sets out on a layer of metal, I believe this company produced EDGE iPhone5 metal protection case will prevent iPhone5 from any injury.

The protective shell body are known as Aktiv, which using anodic aluminum oxide manufacturing, back smooth abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, longer life than common metal, through a special process for coloring various color evenly coated in the protective shell on the back, not only retains the metal texture and meet user requirements for color. Currently the protection shell sold for $99, equivalent to about 617 yuan, the price is a little expensive. What is more, this company also launched lots of best ipad mini cases, if you have an interested on iPad mini, you can check out it.

Shield can give you iPhone5 provide 100% protection, either the front, side or back. Shield not only provides 100% protection, it but also is very thin, can keep the iPhone5 portable and lightweight. X-Doria Shield also comes with screen protection paste a piece, can be a very good protection to the screen, which at the same time ensure smooth touch sense.

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