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Wedding Dresses professional knowledge

Posted Sep 13 2013 7:45am

The fabrics are made ??bridal satin, thick satin, bright satin, lace, crystal yarn, organza. Have the same kinds of domestic and imported fabrics of the other, but also in Europe and Japan and South Korea imported two grades. For the yarn series of wedding dresses, often "layer" concept is very important. Buy yarn series, in the economic capacity permitting, do not select the following four yarn products. Because layers too, will make the wedding look shriveled, listless, not quite real, fluffy, light can not reflect gauze fabric, romance, fantasy feel.

If the satin series of products, general level of imports plus a layer of thick satin lining that can achieve good results. If coupled with good panniers it will be more perfect and beautiful. If ordinary bright satin, just add a layer of lining, will appear more thin, recommended to choose three or more layers of yarn to do with hard panniers, if the use of plastic as a general common panniers made ??from outside the wedding will be very clearly see the ring panniers traces impede the appearance.

Wedding Dresses styles are equal at first glance, a new style unique to the highest post 100 - $ 300 in this popular style of wedding dress material than other models of the same $ 20. Second look process: fine pearl studded wedding rice the most expensive labor, skilled workers can only complete two one day, the price will be about $ 30: Hard veil placed to facilitate production, general sewing work one day completed seven naturally hovering in the low price. the most important is fabric: part wedding corset, cotton feel good kind of thick, soft gloss; another light floating Yan, feel stiff, clothing must be a large number of sizing, wore uncomfortable, it will shrink after washing deformation, the price difference between the two kinds of white damask eight times, made after the wedding worth different. Do skirt yarn material also has the thickness of the points, the most top grade is the "beauty yarn", looks like silk chiffon, on the hand, feels soft and smooth light, side facing the sun, as if with glittering waves, made skirt, walk with the rustle of the light sound, gorgeous in the hidden mystery.

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