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Watch this life - the wedding dress of the kingdom of heaven

Posted Feb 28 2012 8:36am

I believe that many people think that wedding dress is imported from the West, in fact, the wedding dress originated in China! Traditional Chinese wedding is always red, warm red fire, watching the people feel jubilant; on the contrary, the traditional Western wedding dress in a white dress and black dress, although the colors purer a lot, but it seems sacred romantic, a stark contrast with the Chinese wedding. Today, modern Chinese wedding, the young man has long been a Western-style white wedding as an important first line debut in front of the guests. Therefore, custom made wedding dresses, people will rack their brains to make their own dress more ingenuity, some bright spots.
In 1840, the Queen of England (Alexandrina Victoria ,1819-1901) married, put on dressed in a white dress made ??by a beautiful Chinese brocade tail up to 18 feet, and accompanied by a white veil from head to toepure white, stunning the audience. Before the wedding in Victoria, British royal family member of the wedding dress is wearing a gemstone crown, accompanied by studded jewelery silver evening dress, Waipi the traditional dress of a fur coat. Her surprise, the stunning apart more quickly become a fashion widespread Western wedding, the bride wore a white wedding dress gradually became popular since the traditional practices. However, with the progress of the human imagination has not only limited to those old things, so the only empire waist wedding dresses and a line wedding dresses swept the world in the era.
Of course, this is just a typical representative of the modern wedding dress. New things will continue to update the old things, but the classic will never be eliminated. So, many mothers will own marriage wedding dress preserved the best gift for his daughter. This witnessed the wedding of their happiest moments with the mothers best wishes to continue to witness the happiness of his daughters.
After years of change, gradually, the traditional wedding dress Celebrities attend an important party to show the key weapon is the ball gown wedding dresses. When the stars were standing on the star-studded stage, beautiful wedding dress they set off to become a noble Queen. This is the dream of every woman, just the most stars they have more opportunity to experience. Normal lives, women have only one perfect presentation Therefore, you must not allow their own regret, put the kingdom of heaven wedding dress to feel happy arrival.
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