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USA reform: H.R. 3962 Affordable Healthcare - the myths abound

Posted Jan 22 2011 12:00am
I'm afraid that I agree with President Obama's changes to healthcare.
I live in Canada, and our system is working pretty well. While taxpayers insist on tax cuts, we are guaranteed healthcare.
I publish a regular Ontario Seniors healthcare blog, and my American readers asked I explain our system.
It works.

Canadian Health Care System - part 1
I was asked to write about our system in Canada, as there is much misinformation in American news about our weird ways.

Seniors and Canadian Health Care - part 2
This is a follow-up to my post on our Canadian system. Seniors, and people on welfare have extra services. In addition to free medical services, my parents, for example, would only be required to pay $2.00 for new prescriptions filled.
We truly believe that it is our responsibility to care for one another.
I do not believe that a judge is the right person to comment on healthcare reform. He is well able to purchase services. 

As is the way, lobbyists are sending around email designed to garner an uproar. In fact, I like it. I believe that North America is not the place where people must buy healthcare services. Both Canada, and the UK depend upon universal healthcare. It only seems right. Why not help your fellow human, if they are unable to purchase healthcare services. The US system, with insurance providers that use and abuse their clients, deny reimbursement, and drop those with 'pre-existing conditions'.

For-profit hospitals cannot be for the good. Just as we've seen elder abuse in for-profit long-term care homes, we cannot trust that those interested in profits can manage the health of those most at risk.
Many are circulating false information about this bill.
In fact, the final bill is called 3962, here is an updated link , and the circulating email is based on the original bill (3200).

This is the current email circulating around the comments ( my resume ), as a senior healthcare advocate, interjected.

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