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urinary bladdar does not empty

Posted by afshan

my age 39 there is no pressure in my urine and had done ultrasound that shows residue of 120 ml .when i pass urine the quantity is little but i feel very urgent to go n pass out. even i drink 2 glasses of water then afterhalf n hour i have to pass urine.this is from several years  there is no urine infection and kidney and bladder r normal

plz rply soon

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What you are experiencing is quite likely normal.  It may be bothersome to you but having that amount of urine remain in the bladder can be normal.

And as your exams find no medical problems – it may be that you are a frequent urinator.  I am, many of my friends are...we live with it and are great bathroom spotters â?º

Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have created a “problem” with frequent urination and tell you that you need a pill...

I read Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs by Melody Petersen.  In the book she tells the history of one company making a pill and then inventing a “problem” solely to sell the pill.  Now there are so many ads on TV about urination all with the message that you need one of those pills.

Over the years I have found exercise helps with the issue – I do yoga regularly and it seems to help more fully empty my bladder.  I’m now back to Pilates and that helps too.  Doing Kegel exercises may also be helpful.

But as I’ve lived with this for a long time I try to laugh about it. I know where almost every bathroom is in many cities â?º  [And I generally take in a lot of liquids daily so you can imagine my mental repertoire of bathrooms.]

If I know I am going somewhere where getting up a lot is not a good option I cut back on the amount of liquids I take in before I go there.  Personally, and now with the advice of a physician, I use a fair amount of salt – but I get dehydrated too – hence the liquid intake and hence the peeing â?º  Salt may not be an answer for you but you might want to ask about that when you next see your physician.

Hope this helps.




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