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ugg classic short sparklesthe legislative branch and

Posted Nov 19 2012 3:36am
 that originally holding hands driver suddenly caught a muzzle to chance. After all JiangHaiLong sit behind, he get off, can't always put muzzle alignment the driver's afterbrain, while the driver is under the cover of this opportunity, reverse fierce push strike rear door, try ugg classic short sparkles to use the door clamp JiangHaiLong arm. However, perhaps for other people, perhaps will be get a unprepared, but he and right is JiangHaiLong, this to chief when ten several super's health, but also a NaGu boxing player, so he reflexive push hit rear door, right hand the gunman JiangHaiLong, unexpectedly with sharp Angle, shot. "Bang" sound, the bullet from the door open in the aperture of through, right in the middle of the driver's neck, with oblique next 45 degree Angle forward penetration, the bullet in the driver on the right side of the temple drill out. The driver squeezed, bleed like moncler men's vests a pig! JiangHaiLong action is on, the more rapid the co-pilot bit, drag a faint of YiWeiEr, then cold-blooded xw880cc20121119 gun top forehead, "bang" one gun, the end of the same YiWeiEr life!!! JiangHaiLong to kill things no concept, merciless ShouHei is his nature, and relatives to comrade in arms he can pay for life, but to the enemy, he never is no mercy. As long as those who can threaten him, he would kill to a state of bud. In JingWeiJu, he often out of the task, and the task of time, unless the chief command to shifting, otherwise he will definitely kill themoncler outerwear enemy may not chicken dog. He nature sanguinariness, good struggle against malicious, ShouHei, even if some guards with foreign exchange, he mood not, will the other disability? Besides now these two threat to his roma police? Kill killed
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