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tv and internet addictions could be categorized as compulsive behavior?

Posted by festeves

My mother suffers from depression and is taking the medicine effexor.  But I am concerned she is showing signs of compulsive behavior.  She is plugged to the computer 24/7, even when she is in bed sleeping.  The tv is also pretty much on 24/7.  She seems to have trouble focusing and it takes her hours to write a simple e-mail.   Whenever I triy to talk to her about the subject she poses as the victim and says that I don't understand her and I don't know what being depressed is like.   Whenever I say anything she doesn't want to listen and starts giving me the guilt trip.  It's hard to get her out of the house sometimes because she wants to watch something on the tv.  Is this common or she has a problem?  This situation is very frustrating and I am not sure how to handle it or help her.
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