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Posted Feb 16 2012 3:54am
Dear Forum members here are a few facts on Parkinson's tremor:Tremor in Parkinson's disease is usually a resting tremor, that improves when performing tasks.Most PD patients have some intentional tremor (tremor at action), but it is usually minor in severity.A very small number of PD patients have co-existent essential tremor.Treatment for PD tremor is usually sinemet (levodopa), a dopamine agonist, or in rare cases an anticholinergic. Anticholinergics are usually avoided because of side effects, but can be useful in difficult to treat tremor.Once patients have tried maximally tolerated doses of sinemet, a dopamine agonist, and an anticholinergics---in a cocktail--if they still have bothersome tremor, many patients will try clozaril (which requires weekly blood monitoring), or deep brain stimulation as a treatment approach.20-40% of patients with PD have a tremor that responds only partially to medications, and in rare cases some tremors do not respond to medications
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