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to the vegetable market buy the powder

Posted Jan 07 2013 4:09am
11 years old two years ago she alone to take care of dad

Jan. 5 in the afternoon, the reporter comes to long Gang road apartment for the newly weds the 8 a suite   nike air max lebron viii sale

of house, this is XiaoGong dwellings, and dad only more than 30

square meters. The narrow house filled with the taste one.

"I am from nanning, do some small business before, did you have a good day. I was diagnosed with uremia in July 2008." Yao's father spoke some shivering, he only

covered with thin blanket, the home only a bed quilt to XiaoGong built.

Sick, after yao's father can't work, for more than 4 years spent 40 ten thousand yuan to heal, the house has been mortgaged, now live house is yao dad a friend lent


The heavy economic pressure let XiaoGong mother unbearable heavy burden, in November 2010, yao said mother excuse maiden nephew to get married back to shandong, yao's

father also personally to help his wife bought a sleeper. But when wife go quietly pull daughter get on the bus, give XiaoGong ticket on the train. Perhaps because

measure advice, wife after visiting her mother no longer back to nanning.

"I live in shandong province for a month, a heard dad because of illness a fever, I am especially worried. Mom wanted to leave my side, but it gave me, let I a person

sit for two days and three   nike air max lebron ix shoes sale
nights of the trucks from shandong returned to nanning." Although in shandong's uncle, a good for XiaoGong but XiaoGong eventually choose

back to dad. Since then, only 11 years old of XiaoGong provoked the burden of home.

Grownup to take care of father school two head run at home

Dad came back from the gate, XiaoGong more cherish yourself and dad together every minute every second. New Year's day vacation, the students meet the flower world,

XiaoGong also want to go, but for father, she would rather stay at home.

In order to facilitate take care of father, is now studying in taoyuan school class two, grade seven XiaoGong only choice of the day. At 6 every morning she would get

up, to the vegetable market buy the powder, and then cook for father to eat, 30 minutes to ride bike to school. Back to school at noon to cook the rice flour of two

people, eat powder and hurried to school, after school in the evening, when XiaoGong come back again to go to the market on my way home to buy vegetables cooking.

January 5, is slight, although it is very cold, but XiaoGong is fired a green vegetables, two Fried eggs. Because every day that they cost only 10 yuan.

In the kitchen, XiaoGong are Fried vegetables. See her to pour oil, put food, fry, it is hard to imagine what    nike lebron x 10 for sale
she used to be a housework also won't do the little

princess. Compared with peers, XiaoGong much a strong.
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