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To kill both Green and Blue Dragons

Posted Mar 20 2013 3:12am

 The amount 24 Wilderness Green Dragons have quite a few possibilities for Rangers to produce Kills. After accomplished runescape quest "lost city" take your most effective Dragon Hide gear, a Magic Bow and Bronze arrows. There are several Dead Trees that you can run behind and hide after your very first shot in the Dragon. It requires a little of practice, but you are able to get the hang of it. You are going to do away with the Dragon; get the Dragon Bones, Dragon Hide, Loot, also as your arrows back. This could be a secure method to kill both Green and Blue Dragons. It will lead you significantly additional time for you to get kills by carrying out this. Even so, you won't have to bother with investing in meals. You are able to kill more dragons getting a higher-level arrow, but your expense per kill will increase.
Blue Dragons are obtainable in Taverley Dungeon. A Dusty Secret is vital to enter to fight them. You'll find a couple areas which you are able to Range and a thing excellent spot where 1 can use your Dragon Halberd, should you have one particular.
An additional wonderful location for Fighting Blue Dragons could be the Heros Guild Basement. There are not any mazes to barter, no other creatures to battle.It's just you as well as him. You might be able to Variety or Halberd nowhere Dragon safely from down there  Buy Runescape Gold also. Just stand outside the door in the cage and fire or slash away. Be careful though, due to the fact sometime n00b's will open the gate after which you could have an incredibly angry dragon on your tail. A different choice, which surprisingly is really safer, would be to fight the dragon inside the cage as shown inside the image under. Get up around the far side facing the wall. When a Dragon appears shot him with any magic spell or bow and arrow. He will stop by and after that you are able to attack him your halberd. You do not will need armor, meals, or perhaps an Anti-Dragon Shield. Bring some Nature runes as well as a Fire Employees our prime Alch, and spend your day making .
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