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Time quarter, 76 people outside the three-point line without the first section of the feeling

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:56am
Time quarter, 76 people outside the three-point line without the first section of the feeling, although the hornets played is not well, but still half in 53-47 lead. In the second half 76 people 4-0 start, will lag behind to catch up with only two points. After the hornets to keep a slight lead, three more than half depending on continuous score gradually expand the leading. Four points 39 seconds, Ryan Anderson 3-pointers in the name of the hornets to 11 points, Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse the former three leading 76 14 points. Minor details, thaddeus young and Nick Yang to get the 76 ers former 16 points, more rell - white hit two points behind after will be reduced to less than ten points. In the final 1 minute, 76 people holliday hit consecutive two three-pointers, but the hornets Schwartz this Krishna and Gordon continuous score, and ultimately the hornets 111-99 victory over 76 people. NBA regular season to continue, the pacers 103-76 victory over the bobcats, avoid losing streak. Statistics the pacers inside dominant, then grabbed sixty rebound, and charlotte bobcats only 31, Paul - George 16 points and 10 rebounds, west 15 points and eight rebounds, XiBoTe and points, seven rebounds, hill 16 points, seven rebounds. The bobcats encounter five straight, Ken and - walker 13 points, Steven gerrard - Henderson 15 points, sessions substitute contribution 13 points, kidd gill cristal 4 points, 5 rebounds. The third meeting of the season, Nike Air Max TN after finished 1-1 draw. The game the pacers lead, lead the most long 26 points. The first section 13-3 to start, but they the end of the quarter nearly four minutes without scoring, the bobcats played a wave 9-0 to tie the game to twenty - 27. Although the charlotte bobcats attack began to find feel, but they cannot limit the pacers score, half-time, bobcats to forty - fifty behind. The pacers the third quarter single temperance wins, they single section to 33-17 dominant, after three to 83-57 establishment double-digit advantage. Small game, the pacers firmly control the situation on the road, and finally win the bobcats. NBA to continue regular season, the nets beat the Toronto raptors 113-106. The nets have 7 winning streak, card column seamus be acting coach since 10 games, Nike Air Max TN Mens the team record of 9-1 negative. Statistics the nets team three score and +, deron 21 points, 7 assists, Joe - Johnson 21 points 5 rebounds, 5 assists lopez 22 points 9 rebounds, cloth lecce 14 points. Raptors two straight los red small single section 19 points the 21 points, DE rosanne 12 points, amir Johnson 15 points 6 rebounds, Ed - Davis 12 points, seven rebounds, phil this eight points and 11 rebounds. Raptors injury-plagued, and elbow injuries, Virginia, rookie jonas kazlauskas - tile, LanXiu's injured finger, but Ed - Davis and amir Johnson did well. Johnson starting 4 field playground is averaging 18.3 points and 10.8 rebounds, Monday's game also get a season-high 22 points and 14 rebounds. Last month in the Toronto raptors and basket network game, Davis played very well, get a career-high 24 points and 12 rebounds. Replace barney nani start later, he averaged 12.5 points than substitute period of 6.1 points.The game both sides until the last moment a way out, the nets in the minor details once get 15 points lead, then los red outside manufacturing Nike Air Max TN Womens three fouls, three free throws, after two consecutive times hit long shot 3 points in the game, the ball with 47 seconds to tie the game to 103-109. Critical moment, Watson and deron respectively two free throws, although los red again for a long shot three points, but time is running out, and finally the nets won at home. He's the three-pointer 5 throw in 4, and a foul and three free throws in small, he scored 19 points, but the outbreak time some late NBA regular season to continue, the clippers road 117-109 victory over the rockets. Get two wins at the same time, gave the rockets four straight, and at the same time, the clippers on the four straight wins.
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