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Thunder overtime 117-114 victory over the Dallas durant cut career-high 52 points

Posted Jan 23 2013 1:46am
With the recent record good Dallas, has always been scoring madman's Kevin durant is particularly of the arrogant. Yesterday, in the Oklahoma city thunder through 117-114 overtime victory over Dallas mavericks game, durant rare "crazy", he rarely make moves and times, and scored a career-high 52 points. Nike Air Max 360 Mens Previously, durant scored highest career record 52 points, is the last season he created against the Denver nuggets. For durant yesterday's crazy performance, the mavericks coach Carlisle very helpless. "Obviously, we have done we can do it and limit him," Carlisle said, "but he still played a great performance, he is the planet's best striker." Get the other party boss such a high evaluation, du less to their performance is not very satisfied, "I'm the impact of the basket is not enough, and several ball didn't hit, in the defensive end to the opponent's pressure also is not big enough, so in the overtime I'll try to change these". Indeed, although durant in yesterday's game a personal record, but he feel is not good, the 31 only 13; The game only rest 3 minutes of Kevin durant, the field efficiency should be 1. However, durant will create his own 21 free throws all opportunities to score transformation, have so horrible free throws to handle, and Carlisle he felt helpless reason.In addition to other than free throws, durant's 3-pointer, he is also very accurate in the 3 point line hand out nine times and hit one of the five. However, thunder outside shooting is incredibly bad, game, and their three points ball only twenty for 6, this also nearly let them lose the victory. Nike Air Max 360 Womens The mavericks recent state have rebounded in against thunder before, they have won four straight harvest. And they in yesterday's game, and indeed to the top of the thunder brought great trouble. Three quarters once lead the thunder nine points, all in the fourth quarter misfire, Mayo final 3 hit, help the mavericks to take it to overtime. Be worth what carry is, the game for Dallas, stand out is not nowitzki is not Mayo, but "old flyers" carter. Carter in overtime and durant mutual floor points at the same time, also scored a season-high 29 points. Unfortunately, with carter with 2.7 seconds left in overtime missed key 3 points, the mavericks reluctantly terminated the winning streak steps.6 losing streak rockets to Minnesota, back to back five straight challenge the timberwolves. Timberwolves coach, including officers can't play, teaching assistant terry potter against before. The last time the rockets seven straight or in January 2006 things, have after 7 years. Rubio, who made the breakthrough LinShuHao foul, penalty scored his first points. Nike Air Max 24/7 O help the rockets made tip-in open situation, but the wolves in the help of kirilenko, maintained the lead for the first time in this section of the timeout while the rockets 8-14 6 points behind. Barry and change rubio, who, but the first pass is LinShuHao steals and complete the fast break. LiDeNuo a layup a three-pointer, LinShuHao is continuous missed shots, the forest Wolf 19-10 will points difference to expand. Haddon manufacturing steed MeiSiMa foul, two penalty one, then first assists Smith layup, then assists morris hit 3-pointers. The rockets 16-21 five points behind the end of the first quarter. Haddon five points and two assists, Lin hao book 5 shots have only two points. Delphi's hit 3-pointers, Smith dunks, the rockets after to 21 flat. Timberwolves new signing Johnson single hand pick up empty slam dunks, help the team lead to four points. Haddon continuous penalty inroads, although Barry and hit the large-sized 3, but the rockets still to 31-30 get win. After a pause the two and a half minutes can't score, timberwolves in rubio, who played under the leadership of 8-0 attack wave. Smith complement button back to 33 -, but andrei kirilenko complement button, LiDeNuo jumpers, the forest Wolf to 44 - and at a double-digit lead, two wave high up to 14-2. Haddon continuous free throws, the rockets quarter scored five points, and - 44 into halftime. Haddon 13 points 3 assists, LinShuHao this section not score.The Houston rockets away against the Minnesota timberwolves, rockets coach McHale in an interview before the game when asked the question, rookie white McHale words that helpless. McHale said: "I have about a month didn't see him, so don't know what he is. He nominal or a member of the Houston rockets, of course, but we usually seems to feel his presence." McHale and jokingly said: "he said he was hurt, I can only when he was hurt so run to that kind of place like New York to health." Ken Griffey Max Although white in performance in the preseason, by the media as the genius of organization forward, but his moves has let McHale and rockets management helpless, clear from the tone of the McHale can feel for the problem, he rookie very helpless, also don't know how to deal with.
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