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This will add a layer of water-resistance

Posted Jan 02 2013 6:54am
Okay, so you've invested in a great pair of genuine Australian ugg boots on clearance and your feet are looking and feeling great in their new trendy winter sheepskin boots. Now you want your Aussie winter sheepskin boots to last as long as your trusty denims that you've owned for as long as you can remember. Here are a few tips for looking after your Australian uggs. First up, lets think about where you're going to be wearing your winter sheepskin boots. Australian uggs were popularised into Aussie culture as sheepskin footwear by Australian surfers who wore them to keep their feet warm on the beach. While that's what they're great at, some Aussie footwear common sense on the beach can make a big difference. Try and avoid getting your Australian uggs wet, since water will shorten their clearance ugg boot lifespan. Purchase a sheepskin footwear and ugg boots protector to use on the outside of your Australian uggs to add a layer of protection. This will add a layer of water-resistance, as well as protecting your Australian uggs from discoloration and dirt, and the harsh Australian sun. Winter sheepskin boots can be laundered by hand or machine, in cold or warm water using the wool setting on your washing machine. Double rinse and then spin dry. For hand washing, soak your favourite Aussie sheepskin clearance outlet short boots footwear for a few minutes and then squeeze by hand, however do not stretch the skin. Genuine Australian uggs handle the wash process well, but try not to use any harsh chemicals on the sheepskin that may cause discoloration spots. To dry your Australian uggs, tumble dry them on a warm setting, but avoid excessive heating. The Australian sunshine is perfect for drying your winter sheepskin boots, but don't leave sheepskin footwear in the sun for more than a few hours, or they're likely to become sun bleached. With the amount of wear you'll likely be getting from your Australian classic uggs on clearance, particularly in winter, sooner or later they will start to get some stains on them. Two traditional Aussie winter sheepskin boot stain removal remedies are, believe it or not, chalk and teabags.
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