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This time, Zi is fast riding on bicycles rushed to the school

Posted Aug 22 2012 6:47am
Relied upon by Fu, Fu Xi disaster by V. Purple hair high school students looked at his watch, getting a little impatient, me, I will give you remove bad omen ... Ouch! ......
At this time, suddenly a fist flying over, about to play in the forehead are talking fortune teller.
...... Only think of the forehead was a punch in the fortune-teller, he touched the side of the injured side of the smile. Consequently ah, but fortunately did not hurt the eyes, swollen Come ...
 This time, Zi is fast riding on bicycles rushed to the school, he is on the moonset the best secondary schools. Live in is not very far away from the school, so he is not in any hurry for school every day, even pinch time, every time in the ring of half a minute before languidly entered the classroom.
Just mistaken to be a fortune teller worried a little oakley sunglasses cheap bit of time, accurate to cheap nfl jerseys the minute and second Zi, had to speed up the pace to win back the time, he was rushed to the school, but the gate is often a few minutes early to close, he must catch up forward to enter the campus.
Have seen Wu Ti, secondary schools open gates, Zi sigh of relief, there is no hurry to.
However, just as he had just the idea, the gate has been slowly moving up, is clearly closed.
Zi cursed, had picked up speed, rushed to the gate of the faster pace, but also make him a little messy hair blown smooth.
Have to guard in the next room apparently saw Zi, but did not have to wait for what he meant, but a look of sinister look at the rushing bicycle, the gloating waiting to see him hit the door.
Zi eventually let him down when the gate short of two feet or so will close, he and the bike from the wear of the past!
Zi lateral held out his fist, thumbs up, then reverse down the back to hear that guard scoff: closed, you be careful! Zi is the same as usual, followed by a teacher entered the teachers, we are accustomed to this behavior, no one surprised the teacher did not have much to say, although the edge in the late, after all, he was not late.
Everything is as usual, if there is nothing new, that is, just when he ran into the fortune-teller.
School is always boring, boring, although the results of Zi is not bad, can even be said to be better, but it does not mean he likes
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