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They Wore Me Out!

Posted Apr 05 2009 11:17pm
Whew. The kids' activities wore me out today in a good way! After attending Palm Sunday mass, I took the little one to her swim class at the aquatic center. While she swam, I swam. She was excited to jump in the big 50 meter pool with me after to swim a cute. I fit in about 40 minutes for (approximately) 300 calories burned.

Later in the afternoon, I played a little over an hour of tennis with the boy for a burn of about 400 calories.

During my swim, I was able to think in peace for 40 minutes about the next few weeks. I recalled the best tips I've read, heard, and experienced on work/life balance (if there is such a thing). Many of you who read this blog go through these crazy cycles, so feel free to chime in with more tips! Here's what I came up with:

7-Step Plan for Making it through April

1. Let go of perfection.

2. Say "no" without feeling guilty.

3. Don't worry about the house being spotless. It never is anyway. Concentrate on laundry, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Everything else can wait.

4. As long as the kids are fed, clean, and where they need to be on time, they will be happy. Don't carry my work stress over into their day.

5. The husband and the dogs will be on autopilot, as usual, and will be fine. I am thankful for that!

6. For me, keep groceries in the house, exercise on most days, and continue to blog.

7. To help meet work deadlines, limit Facebook, Twitter, and personal e-mail time to 30 minutes a day max. Actually look at the caller id and save personal calls for car time (using the hands-free speaker, of course) and evenings.

Breakfast (310)
same as yesterday but with a 1/2 c. pine/oj/banana juice (80) instead of V8

Pre-Swim Snack (100)
1 T. granola w/ peanut butter (100)

Lunch (510)
same as yesterday but with 1/2 cookie (110)

Snacks (280)
other 1/2 cookie from lunch (110)
2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges (70)
handful of pretzels (100)

*Dinner (800)
fish tacos
handful of chips w/ salsa
few spoonfuls of rice and refried beans
about 3 T. of vanilla ice cream

*This is a guess since the restaurant does not publish nutrition information.

TOTAL = 2,000 calories - 700 exercise = 1,300
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