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The Usefulness of the Acer AS10D31 Battery and Adapter

Posted Dec 07 2013 10:20am

The Acer AS10D31 battery and adapter offer good performance if used and maintained in the correct way. Common beliefs about the two like short lifespan are likely to discourage any potential buyer. However you can get the facts here.

However, the battery for Acer AS10D31 requires the right maintenance and it won’t disappoint. Here are two tips;

•Charge the battery under favorable climatic conditions preferably between 0 and 400 C.

•Always charge the battery fully and do not let it be discharged to 0%.


The battery for Acer AS10D31 offers best performance when maintained well. It can last up to 9 hours and 6 hours if on DVD playback. Its standard lifespan is 1.5 to 3yearsso it is bound to be a good companion.


Sometimes the battery for Acer AS10D31 may not charge, probably when completely dead. The recommended step to take is removing it and wiping the metallic arts with a lint free cloth and reinsert it before trying to recharge it. If that does not work please seek professional assistance.


The Acer AS10D31 adapter is 40% lighter than the standard adapters and provides 40w power thus making it an ideal travel companion where a high quality charge is required. It is a crucial component that determines the performance of your battery so it should be taken care of well. It should be kept in a warm enclosed place preferably the laptop bag. This is to avoid tampering with the cable which may result to short-circuiting. You should always connect the Acer adapter to a socket with the power output within the range of the power input of the adapter. This is to avoid overheating and damage. Remember, the adapter also acts as a surge protector thus keeping your Acer laptop safe from blowing up.


However, the adapter may be the cause of short battery life. If you have this problem, it is advisable to try another similar adapter to charge your battery. If the problem persists then you have to change the battery but if otherwise, try getting a new adapter.


The Acer AS10D31 adapter and battery contribute to good performance of your computer so you should also treat them as precious to you. Read the user’s guide before using them. Only buy them from trusted dealers and you won’t be a frustrated victim of fraud or counterfeit products. Having the model number and other important details of your laptop is also important. Acer Battery and Adapter for Acer AS10D31 are very useful components that should be selected with utmost care.

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