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The rockets loss by the pacers 36-point rely on the 3 is the direct cause

Posted Jan 23 2013 1:49am
Had already five straight victory for the rockets with a turn around, in the face of the league's best defensive pacers, the rockets can't use their weapons, and ultimately to a 95-105 loss, encounter the longest since the start of six defeats. In the west is also ranked the first eight dropped out of the playoff situation is not optimistic. Nike Air Max 90 Mens As a main offensive team, the rockets backcourt binary haddon and LinShuHao play in a large extent decided to the whole team is good or bad. Against the pacers, "haring" combination to only 27 points and 10 assists, and could not in trouble inject more vigor to the team. Haddon full and shot only hit five goals, the low and high ShiWuLv hit, the iron is hot has become haddon recently in the game of the main tone. It also make by his own keep continuous 22 games score in twenty + record on the interrupt. In addition to physical problems, no breakthrough and fast break, too rely on the 3 is the direct reason lead to losing streak. The rockets have three weapons, counter of the fast break, haddon breakthrough, outside 3. But the first world war and the pacers, these three weapons are lost power. Due to the influence of the physical strength, rush to play not to come out, all got 10 points, and not winning streak period "rebound - pass - breakthrough" classic lens appear. And the key to take care of by the haddon, as union averaging free throws most times, he only five times his free throws, and thoroughly is limited to live. Six losing streak of the rockets, too much attention to attack despise defense, emphasis on offense to fill the vulnerability of the defensive tactics, actual pay a big price. Coach McHale yesterday for the team's performance is very dissatisfaction: "in fact a way, everyone out of form, it seems, each one of us is not full of energy, we lack passion. We must now to retrieve the state before. Nike Air Max 90 Womens We must think of a way to solve the problem, we must activate the team, have a great promotion!" After the defeat against the pacers, the rockets the top eight of the seating arrangement has been thoroughly shaken, face behind the lakers, the mavericks such pursuers, the rockets to the playoffs not too easy.In the game in the third quarter and 1 minute, Barry and jump shot let the forest Wolf 63-52 leading rocket 11 points, critical moment, LinShuHao not obey, in the frontcourt organization attack directly find the opportunity, middle the basket, Johnson then cap, LinShuHao on arm escape after block the ball into the back of the net twice, but Smith can't cover the ball, but a dozen in LinShuHao mouth, LinShuHao a face of pain, then use finger into the mouth, and take out to see if the bleeding, then implement free throws, complete 2 + 1, LinShuHao performance inspired the team, Smith then direct shot-blocking score, Douglas two free throws, the rockets a wave of 7 - zero in the quarter ended, they 59-63 will be divided into gap down into only four points. 6 losing streak rockets to Minnesota, back to back five straight challenge the timberwolves. Timberwolves coach, including officers can't play, teaching assistant terry potter against before. Nike Air Max 95 The last time the rockets seven straight or in January 2006 things, have after 7 years. Rubio, who made the breakthrough LinShuHao foul, penalty scored his first points. O help the rockets made tip-in open situation, but the wolves in the help of kirilenko, maintained the lead for the first time in this section of the timeout while the rockets 8-14 6 points behind. Barry and change rubio, who, but the first pass is LinShuHao steals and complete the fast break. LiDeNuo a layup a three-pointer, LinShuHao is continuous missed shots, the forest Wolf 19-10 will points difference to expand. Haddon manufacturing steed MeiSiMa foul, two penalty one, then first assists Smith layup, then assists morris hit 3-pointers. The rockets 16-21 five points behind the end of the first quarter. Haddon five points and two assists, Lin hao book 5 shots have only two points. Delphi's hit 3-pointers, Smith dunks, the rockets after to 21 flat. Timberwolves new signing Johnson single hand pick up empty slam dunks, help the team lead to four points. Haddon continuous penalty inroads, although Barry and hit the large-sized 3, but the rockets still to 31-30 get win. After a pause the two and a half minutes can't score, timberwolves in rubio, who played under the leadership of 8-0 attack wave. Smith complement button back to 33 -, but andrei kirilenko complement button, LiDeNuo jumpers, the forest Wolf to 44 - and at a double-digit lead, two wave high up to 14-2. Haddon continuous free throws, the rockets quarter scored five points, and - 44 into halftime. Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Haddon 13 points 3 assists, LinShuHao this section not score. The rockets let LinShuHao, parsons and patterson three people rest, beverley starting. Haddon free throws the ball, from LiDeNuo technical foul. Beverley five fouls is LinShuHao off the field, but still for complain blown technical fouls. The rockets four minutes don't score, although since then delfino hit 3-pointers, but made to eat soon, the fifth foul was substituted. The timberwolves to 56 - and lead to 13 points. LinShuHao a assists two free throws, the two sides in the last ten points up and down a few minutes. LinShuHao play 2 + 1, the rockets in the last minutes scored seven points to 59-63 into the small decisive battle. Lin hao book seven points and two assists, Delphi's 15 points.
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