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The point of the train air-conditioning

Posted May 01 2012 8:26am

From their own point of view, because the conductresses outfit have united requirements, and in the train running their way to get around, to work, so compared with passengers, they need air conditioning temperature lower.


According to the regulation, air conditioning train originating in one hour before the cold air conditioning or send hot, arrive station half an hour after the close of air conditioning. This provision is reasonable, but with the interests of the conductresses have greatly conflict. Because the train before the initial two, three hours, the conductresses will begin as initial homework before, if is summer press a regulation strictly do, they do not for a moment you are wet, so often begged column for help in open air conditioning cool to cool off.


Previously, ZhongDao train after the car will also for the health completely make clean, or no go off work to go home. By this time if you arrive at the station after half an hour off the air condition, according to regulations, they will surely can't stand the heat. Well now, train ZhongDao, conductor just try and handled the handover can take back, but the try working time is longer, the health standard higher, they also have extended open air conditioning running time of strong demand.


There is the train before the exhumation, often in a range-bound stood for a long time put. If is sorching summer, the sun in the sun, as long as the air conditioning a stop, with not a hours inside will become a steamer. Those who didn't go to apartment rest, stay on the train, responsible for the train the conductresses will be hot go crazy. Each summer, I often see ha innings of the exhumation incoming maintenance train, those male conductor hot dozen stripped, only wear a triangle pants, so stand in the guest stood in the lanes technology, open lanes for car wash the conduit between use of body blunt. Although side people come and go, including many women, but everyone has hot caring decent.

So, can a little human nature, meet the conductor and try the appeal, greatly extend the functioning of the air conditioning time? There is a cost big problem. Air conditioning can, but you can produce fuel for passenger transport, energy pay? Obviously can't. Since can't, why do I have to violate regulations, greatly increase their production costs? You know, his unit cost overruns once, but the above assessment, it will damage the unit of the staff vital interests. And it just ignore you this is touched with the passenger transport depot? The graffiti assessment. And passenger transport depot? Don't look at ordinary times I pray thee, open when the air conditioning of golf clubs, but this time but never stand up for you to speak: leadership, is we ask vehicles department of the operating time of air conditioning extension, the somebody else all because overspend take care of our conductor, cleaner ah. This kind of thing you don't even think about it.


Of course, 2000 years ago, vehicle system also someone USES air conditioning control from time to time to tidy up passenger, in order to reach own purpose. This kind of situation general is listed for commander for failure to negotiate a sleeper; Or is this unit of leadership, or their relatives and friends get on the car, passenger not to lose face, no meal, not arrange a sleeping; Or is diners aspects in eating listed to refuse to take care of the inspection tilt. The technique, well, a little bit of a sophisticated won't immediately revenge, but the events such as after a few days, then complete according to rules set temperature and air conditioning running time, or the use of their own technology in equipment tamper, let the train a railway carriage in operation of the air conditioning "naturally" happen to a fault, although the passengers quickly, the conductor urgent, but so long as he arrived on the scene, opened a maintenance manner, even if accuse into the station also pulled the listed the prosecution can't handle. You always have to allow equipment breaks? Broke down and I was repairing, just need time, you can say I??????? Of course, this man is a what kind of shit all have, again smart organizations in BaoBuJi also a few stupid in the hang of phase. The year before, the train is still in operation on the way, a silly eggs in the unreasonable demands on the spot was rejected, immediately in the face of a blunt the somebody else clamored to stop the somebody else's air conditioning, and got right on it, the result is passenger tell a railway administrations, not punished, global bulletin, a laughingstock.

However, such things in the 2000 years after the basic died out. On the one hand, because from 99 to, fu of big regardless of the objective reality, regardless of the actual effect, insisted that make passenger company reform, forced the vehicle and the passenger transportation, this one make technology, a make services, with force lang, the results made countless disturbance, and bear the still let the personage inside course of the consequences of shook his head. The period, every passenger transport within the vicious competition, each passenger internal infighting not only, make professional management disappeared, the passenger traffic ability sharp landslide, transportation efficiency greatly reduced, equipment loss increase, huge economic losses. But have a bit, that is the vehicle by the thoroughly to take the passenger, the whole afraid of, the whole over, and can't restore old technology and equipment of the dead weight carry the "good old days". On the other hand, is also the most important, from 03 years later, railway passenger to service the piece is pay more and more attention to, as long as there is the passenger complaints, internal will surely a chasing after all. You don't know whether still have the impression, 03 years to 10 years between, have a passenger train some bureau, in the diners after dinner to the railway was ZongDuo ye wrote a letter, said food is so expensive. In just a start and is not media hype, ZongDuo ye will quietly batch of the word, the results the bus in the bureau, and the period of leadership personally find the passenger with ritual apologizing, and to refund money meal. It ended, related media exposure will affair, and that in the society also didn't cause too big echo. You remember it not? Although I think this matter was dealt with some backward, but it can explain some problems. In this pay more and more attention to service the passengers background, the vehicles more and don't dare like 99 years ago that use empty passenger adjustment, but the results seedlings and passengers.


As for the bus air conditioning can control to the conductor? Passenger transport company had been done to try this period. To this, the passenger aspects of course is joy, but boy complained of vehicles. Because the conductor need not be responsible for own behavior, do not need to pay for the cost, so the conductre es fundamental ignore the technical requirements, tube you care about anything, as long as a electricity I will immediately and open air conditioning, calculate you diesel engine stand can't stand it. I a open air conditioning will call directly manual, figure is cooling fast, I don't care the compression of air conditioning opportunity will not be burned out. Anyway, the vehicle is bad, you be make maintenance well. A passenger complaints, they push the responsibility to vehicle head, and let people come to vehicles of trouble. As for the cost, the somebody else conductor more don't have to consider, I just his cool, cost talking about my fart matter. Even more than once happened train although electricity, air conditioning is listed for maintenance fault, air conditioning in discontinued state, but the conductor is broke into PeiDianJian open air conditioning on your cool, but disregarding column inspection work completely. These things you to tell who will go? Tell a passenger transport depot? That is like YuHuMouPi. Tell a railway administrations? Don't forget, the somebody else is service units, greet send alliance is his own work, the somebody else have resources, have food to eat and drink a have a sleeping beauty, asked the crowd went to, want to let superior leadership put even-keeled? The difficulty and climb a tree to look for fish almost.

Some think should give the air conditioning control knob and seal, I can only shake their heads and sigh: net friends, you may not know the actual situation. The more simple, more direct management actually more effective. Think about it, whether it is listed for or conductor, you are at a lot of things, how can go every day nut play? 17, 8 cars, YiJieJie dozen come over? Even if the call, and you think you played nut can responsibility? Fundamental useless, 17, 8 car you see come over, can't hold the sky, the somebody else will never admit, or save it. Manage PeiDianJian special keys directly, and do not let the conductor in not have?


Maybe someone feel to strengthen the conductresses training don't have to. This, or save it. That year period passenger company, I was in the training center. Ordinarily technical work where a train is? Really think master a foreign technology is very easy? But can't, that year leadership take decision brain, fundamental to ignore the opinions of the technical department for two days let the conductresses can operate the air conditioning control cabinet, it made technology as tea to send water cleaning. When the conductor to class, I have had a professional content one minus any reduction, finally the most basic several left operation can be either just called came in, in a hurry or retired four, 50, all casually, all understanding ability, accept the ability to let people vomiting blood, try to test the mistakes made a monkey. Can't, this is all some learn not into the technology, able to learn in doesn't into passenger transport depot this service department, so couldn't ask too high. But, let me vomiting blood, I only taught them of their most basic operation, as to how to adjust the thermostat, how to set up all the way, two temperature, how to set back to the difference, how to the compressor and delay time machine, all these I didn't teach. But do not know the gang which come of ability, a move that should be handled by professionals move things, disorderly adjustment these parameters. In order to the cool, they directly put all the way, two set to a temperature, will be sent back to a value of zero, will all of the compressor YanShiFa all to zero. This is not a bad thing to do equipment. But the people don't care passenger air conditioning bad not bad.



Some may say, failing exams don't let mount guard ah. Oh? You dare? Can you? To the conductor for, the exam about no is not whether can mount guard the basis. Said again, labor so nervous, you don't let somebody else mount guard? There will be a natural leader to to get you in trouble. So in the long run, passenger transport is harsh, but doesn't matter.

Maybe someone said, you find the conductor such touch devices can be assessment ah, can accuse ah. Day, not a system, you how to assessment the somebody else? You said the somebody else touch, the somebody else is not to recognize a shot, how can you? So, in order to reduce disputes over trifles, in order to facilitate the responsibility, in order to provide better service for passengers, air conditioning equipment is this to professionals responsible, have a problem, look for professional personage, let him take full responsibility for it to.


The question now is, since the company in those years passenger unsuccessful attempt, superior has specific provision conductor banned manipulation of the air conditioning, electrical appliances, passenger transport of passenger and goods are not allowed to PeiDianJian. In this case, the vehicles department didn't mind your own people, let supply key flee to the conductor, and even protect a hand, the responsibility of course in the vehicle department. The leadership of the vehicles that return not bashful tian wear face a letter sent to the passenger transportation department, that be sneered at, by the person dozen face, even by the passenger to counter the power to several times, it is normal that.......


As for why that is so do in violation of regulations, and will give his colleagues and brings a lot of trouble, but still some column for the key to drain? Say simply, railway is so big, looked up and saw no head, some listed check and the conductor this is a family, some are really MaBuKai persons, there are quite a part of it, it is in order to "play united", in order to "hit goods".


???????Don't understand "dozen united", "hit goods" is what mean? This is the local dialect, I be embarrassed detailed explanation, because there is no shortage of female net friend see stick. If you are interested in crossing, do-it-yourself right, actually not difficult to guess.

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