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The people's liberation army air force fighter in mock the new trends in the great practice close combat

Posted Oct 23 2012 6:25am

Defense network guangzhou October 21, according to the  Mbt Shoes  people's liberation army newspaper (stringer JiangBo west, stringer CengZheng male) reported that on October 16,, guangzhou military region a regiment of artillery a new self-propelled guns gunner professional mock on nervous. With what differ before be, the appearance DaLei except the gunner you, and they BaoBan un-experienced operator in the other. Mock, and reform the ways of the group is to adapt to the future war requirements, strengthen the officers and soldiers system operational awareness of a new measures.

In order to strengthen the system of officers and soldiers fight consciousness, the individual professional the ratio of embedded system, not only to this professional than anyone more mastery, and who than in the system more cooperative with the tacit understanding. Colonel YuLiHong told reporters: "the mock, total factor collaborative become inspection gunner comprehensive quality is an important index. The ordnance officer their professional skills accounted for only 40% of the overall rating results, and other cooperation un-experienced operator with 60%."

Reporter drilling in class two artillery instrument tank, see in the ordnance officer under the command of the XuChengMing, the system several around KaoHeZu un-experienced operator set tactical background nervous on operation, aiming at a gun, the yuan calculating, the digital information and form a coherent whole. Because each battle station operation close coordination  Cheap Mbt Shoes  and cohesion is accurate, XuChengMing ratio in a high score. Five even a gunner Chiang waterclouds although personal skill score is higher, but with other manipulator with bad, finally in matches defeat. Walk down the mock field, Chiang waterclouds regrets ground say: "the mock let me understand a truth: one hard just fingers, the overall hard is the fist. Although not get MEDALS, but I am the next what and how the heart the more there are!"

Defense network Qingdao October 21, according to the people's liberation army newspaper (Lv yong zheng, LiZhiKai) reported: the middle of October, a navy submarine team title annual coxswain mock battle took place. Strangely, mock on in full swing, the scene but no sight of officials.

This team division marshal DingLianYong introduction, the coxswain mock, they use information system implementation, quantitative evaluation, mock results through the acquisition, analysis data of evaluation. Although the see officials, but on the submarine sonar, navigation and battle station data acquisition part, as well as all kinds of mechanical equipment is to matches the change of parameters do real time record.

The author in this team operations center see, office staff will acquisition return data input exercise evaluation system, the big screen and simulation recovery out two the coxswain command motor, attack process, along with the depth of water, water temperature and the dynamic data show, the battlefield situation be clear at a glance. In the team leader, YeWuChang, coaches coxswain, organ staff to the operation of the joint evaluation group, system generation mock results.

"Such a judge let me be sincerely convinced." Coxswain ZhuShu though the attack, attack accuracy when the slightly better, but according to data display, by his command submarine after the attack on "enemies" no counter torpedo effectively evade, was sentenced to defeat.

"Information war is essentially high precision operations, in this  Cheap Mbt Shoes  sense, mock evaluation also want to high precision. Butyl division marshal regrets ground say.
Defense network nanjing October 21, according to the people's liberation army newspaper (drucker, stringer leap state-owned) reported that on October 17, the air force air arm MouShi air combat against mock combat. The mock, the make a new regulation: to participate in the pilot of the tournament, a FeiHangRi only fly a vehicles.

Teachers WuJunBao introduces to the reporter, the mock against open condition, as far as possible to reduce artificial limits, the pilot independent planning tasks, free cast tactics, the movement of quantity of big, the intensity is high unprecedented.

Reporters from the command post monitoring system on see, blue aircraft just a launch will take position, in dozens of kilometers away will rival firmly lock. The red pilot according to the command post to provide the data information, and then release the electronic interference, and implementation of large Angle variable to direct opponent flank. As the two warplanes approaching, red blue both sides started to personal dogfight. Information screen, distorted track and rapid changes of data display, the pilot in maximum load cast tactical action.

Air force "golden helmet" pilots, MouTuan chief of staff CengJianMin told reporters: in the past against mock, mainly in missile attack is given priority to, the two sides in the air DaZhaoMian hardly, and now in addition to over-the-horizon attack and close combat, intensity is greatly improved. Reporters at a airport to see, a fight down, red blue both pilot are sweating. A flight of ZouLei baoguo told reporters: "through the air, the pilot of the combat ratio in abnormal conditions, fish out a lot of flight manual without tactical action."
Defense net Beijing on October 21, according to the people's liberation army newspaper (stringer Chen shou, rich, YangYongGang) reported: battle began, SanYing battalion commander travel around kingdom is not in their own command position, but sit into four camp "report". October 16 morning, the second artillery a trip a FaSheYing mock combat ability of competition in a deep in the mountains start, at present of sight made reporter very confused.

"SanYing battalion commander command SanYing personnel equipment, ms, command four camp troops can do? Look, she would know!" Brigadier Yang guang introduces to the reporter said, mock this year, they take random draw way, exchange each battalion command group, inspection commander in a strange environment, adjust the deployment of forces for combat determination and disposal ability of urgent cases.

Emission four battalion command post inside, SanYing battalion commander travel around countries by clicking the mouse, message content panoramic view. "Command post as" "strong electromagnetic interference" and so on, more than 10 subjects run, four camp officers and men in the weeks under the command of the battalion commander pushback, and mock court tense. "10, 9, 8, 7... 1, ignition!" As gave the order, the simulation emission screen, one missile vomit a flame into the clouds, according to the orbit robot to goal...... After few minute, news of victory came: missile hit "goal".

Yang brigadier evaluation said, from mock process look, although in the commander, but SanYing battalion commander and four camp officers and soldiers tacit cooperation, reaction rapidly, reflects their usual trained. Mock results as expected, four camp on the operational capability evaluation the top, SanYing battalion commander travel around countries received individual champion.

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