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the nike shox tl3 sale concerted effort of the masses the media coverage around the track

Posted Dec 28 2012 7:12am
All Is it so easy to forget it? Look at that migrant workers are trapped in the snow, they lost the expression, helpless look, "helpless" became their portrayal. The relentless snow blocking their way home, but can not stop the heart they want to go home. See, ah, not that they are lonely figure it? Although they were trapped on the road, they have given up on it? No. The driver of the heart like an arrow go home, some of them began a long way back home. Road is step by step, step in the snow, struggling forward something to the back of the big bags with nike shox o'leven sale walking in the shaking seems to just gently touched the side will fall to the back also wrapped to bending. The body is covered with a thick layer of snow, people like snow. Listen how people take pity on the child crying. A pair of red midship eyes looked in horror around, seems to be looking to make her feel secure Typhoon Shelter.

Once thought that the tears I have long been drained. Otherwise, see it all, the tears began to things without fear big drops big drops to flow down over the cheeks, slightly choked, tears the child slipped into his mouth. Tears of bitter cold, but I feel very warm, and that warmth straight to the hearts of children. Encounters with natural disasters, we can not avoid, but we can do my best to reduce it to bring us harm. You see, we do not have done a good job it? The outstanding leadership of the party cadres, the correct guidance of the government departments, the nike shox tl3 sale concerted effort of the masses, the media coverage around the track, donation of school activities ... from the moment in which the disaster occurred, the descendants of the same boat, united to face. Our country is great, and our people are loving and patriotic. We have inherited the fine tradition of the Chinese nation: "a difficult one, P Plus support"
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