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The Newest iPhone 5 Camera Case

Posted Jan 29 2013 11:22am

ACA is an iPhone 5 camera case, lets your iPhone 5 instantly become a cute camera shape, and then with ACA included software, can let the kids love the picture. ACA let iPhone 5 Hale appearance becomes smooth and lovely, and it is colorful, which looks like a toy for children.

ACA are combined with hardware and software, to encourage children to take a lot of pictures to express their own creativity, in an interesting way to let the children to participate and learn photography way. Organs and rotating housing "fake" lens is changing filters, spin it can real-time transform filters, and the " lens " can also be used as a bracket, when you watch video, it has an important role.

Children can use this case by themselves, and then shot in the specialized software interface is very lovely, this ACA case that built in software can put children photographs displayed in the form of the date, the kids can see themselves everyday photos in a calendar like form. How about this one, do you like this cute and unique iPhone case? Besides the version of iPhone, this company also has girly iphone 4 cases, if you have an interested on it, you can buy it on

If you think there's something wrong with giving a small child an iPad you'll dig this chalkboard laptop. It's called the iWood, and it will save you from worrying about whether or not your tween is conversing with some creepy asshole on Facebook.

The Trellie is a cute, shiny bluetooth enabled device that clips on the outside of a handbag and lights up for an incoming call and blinks for a missed call. No digging through your purse; no maxed out voicemail. Ingenious right? The Trellie was the brainchild of Claude Aldridge and Jason Reid, who were sick of trying to reach their wives (sometimes in urgent situations) and getting voicemail. The problem, they realized, was that their wives phones were buried in a "sound-insulated black hole" at the bottom of their purse. Do you like this unique ipad mini case? If you want to find more best cheap ipad mini cases, you can go to

The CoverBuddy is a companion for your Smart Cover, and as such you can pick a matching color (a brief aside – why doesn’t Apple make a leather Smart Cover for the mini? I’d be all over that in a second).

It has cut-outs for all the holes and lenses, and covers up the buttons with a protective membrane that you can push through. In short, it will totally protect your little iPad from dings and scratches whilst letting you use every function.

And it’s cheap, too. Unlike Apple’s outrageously-priced screen covers, the CoverBuddy is just $20. Available now.

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