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the man his behavior "too worthless

Posted Jan 07 2013 4:01am
Relevant government departments is how to deal with the illegal act? Li baoying county land and resources bureau, said captain for illegal old enterprise have been

punished. Have a plenty cheap nike air max lebron 8    of shall be confiscated, have a plenty of demolished. In land rent levying behavior is a thing of the township government, should by the

township government to investigate and deal with. When reporters request relevant punishment documents, lee said captain, he was still not to the bureau, specific

situation is not clear, for journalists to find office arrange access to materials. And director of the office and say, lee captain hand there are so many people, how

can he don't know, if he don't know is malpractice.

Baoying balance director of office of housing and urban and rural construction bureau, said the agency did not investigate, should by the urban management bureau to

investigate. Reporters repeatedly contact urban management bureau, the relevant person in charge of the all call out. (XuZhu MengJian zhang since)

Statement: all indicate the source of information for other media, are reprinted from other media, reprint doesn't mean we agree with the point of view, also do not

represent any responsibility for their authenticity. You if you have any questions or doubt on the contents of the manuscript, please contact DongFangWang, we will give

you a response quickly and do treatment.

Yesterday morning, a young man cheap nike air max lebron 9   drive into NaPing business circle inner corner, is preparing to park your car on the roadside, behold, he would throttle as brake, even

into the roadside parked four car, causing a wounded.

According to the parking of CaoDaJie memories, 10 am, slowly into a car parking area, suddenly a voice MenXiang, the car was hit changan car parked on the side of the

road, "because of inertia, changan car back into the side by side 3 car parked on the side of the road". "Okay this 3 car nobody, CaoDaJie said, into the last car

driver is looking for the key, sat a man be banged his right shoulder.

Another witnesses said the car driver looks younger, after the accident he regret, said he wanted to stop, but miss the throttle as a brake. At present, the accident on

the police are further investigation.

A man stole a mobile phone on the bus, the appraisal value only 50 yuan, but its so sentenced 8 months shall also be fined 1000 yuan. Faced with the court's decision,

the man his behavior "too worthless".

The time of the crime, the criminal suspect CuiMou bus 643 bus. When garage to nankai district in seven sets of bus station, CuiMou while with car passenger zhao mou

unprepared, put zhao mou coat

cheap nike lebron 10 shoes     pocket on the right side of a wave plate K298 type mobile phone stolen, after classics appraisal value of 50 yuan. CuiMou in batting away

by police arrested.
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